How Backspin Affects Your Driving Distance

Hey, Quite The Chap here for GolfersRX. You’ve had that round. I’ve had that round. The pros have had that round. How do you save that round before you get the urge to snap every club in your bag…in today’s video.

Your blood is pumping. Your mind is racing. The shafts on your wedges look like they can be snapped like toothpicks. You’re having one of those rounds. We’ve all had them. How do you save it? 1) don’t break your clubs. That’s a no-no. 2) rely on your knockdown. A swing that’s not long and loopy and full of shanks and pulls. It’s the counter… it’s tight. It’s compact. And it’s going to help in a pinch.

How do we scrape through the last 6 holes…

– choke down on your grip
– line up to your target with a slightly open stance
– position the ball towards the middle of your stance
– position your hands slightly ahead of the ball
– make a 3/4 swing
– with an abbreviated follow-through

This is going to do a couple things:
– obviously, it’s going to shorten your swing…less room for error
– having the ball back in your stance is going to help you make contact with the ball before the ground
– having your hands lead the clubface through the ball should help keep your clubface square at impact

The knock-down. It’s your life raft when the seas get choppy. When everything around you gets loopy and loose, you have a tight, compact round saver. And you’d be shocked at how far you can hit a choked down, 3/4 swing. When you start hitting the ball out of the center of the face…it goes.

Tight. Compact. It’ll save your round, maybe your life.

Until next time, keep it simple.
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