95% of Golfers Don’t Play Short Par 4’s Correctly.

In this video, we address a huge issue with how amateur golfers play short par 4’s. Short par 4’s should be an opportunity to make a simple par, or a great birdie, but they often turn into blowup holes full of penalty shots and frustrating.
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The high majority of amateur golfers do Not have the correct mental approach on Short par fours and if we can get the Correct mental approach we're going to See a dramatic change in our scores now I'm sure we all know the feeling of Stepping up to a short Par Four with a Driver in your hand thinking I might be Able to hit the green here might put it For an eagle definitely gonna get a Birdie and feeling good and ready to Juice one out there and impress everyone In your playing group however if we're Looking to better our score and play More consistent golf throughout a round And throughout a period of time it's Best to approach these short par fours In a very different way mentally what I Mean by mentally is your course Management strategy something I am very Adamant about focusing on on this Channel course management is how you Approach what you're doing on the golf Course in terms of decision making Especially for short par fours it's Important to understand how these are Made architecturally most short par Fours are very short and that's the good Part of it but around the dream there's A lot of danger which gives you some Risk so you have the reward of hitting a Great shot but if that shot does not go Well you're generally going to be put in A pretty tough situation this is the


Golf course architect's way of Challenging the golfer mentally saying Hey you can get this drive out there but If you don't hit a great Drive you're Likely going to make bogey or worse but They can also reward good decision Making by saying hey the Fairway is very Open from 200 yards so if you don't want To mess around with that driver lay back And you have a good shot in many golfers Think about the Eagles and birdies but When you look at the past 10 short par Fours that you played how many of them Have you eagled how many of them have You birdied how many of them have you Bogeyed the answer is likely much higher For the amount that you've bogeed that All these birdies and Eagles that you Think about off the tee however think About the last time that you laid up on A 300 yard Par Four say you take out a Three iron maybe have a five hybrid and You just lay one out there a nice easy Swing 200 yards now if you have a wide Fairway most golfers will be able to hit It from 200 yards I'm not asking to hit A 270 yard drive just the long iron or Hybrid get it out there in the Fairway When was last time you did that for many Golfers the answer they can't recollect But think about this would you rather be In the deep rough having to hit over a Bunker from 40 yards or be in the Fairway from 100 110 yards out heading

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To a nice green complex on a short Par Four where are you going to make the Better score is the question almost Always from the Fairway so let's Deconstruct this a little bit now in my Mind the first thing I think of when I Get to a short Par Four is what number Do I want to have in generally right now I'm playing right around 115 to 120 Yards very well that's a great number For me I'm confident if you put me in The Fairway I'm likely going to hit the Green or you know at least put a good Swing on the ball and put my yourself in A good position to make a good score so If I step up to a 300 yard Par Four I Don't even think about hitting a driver I very rarely hit drives 300 yards even If you lose a 280 yard Par Four I can Hit my drives 280 yards I don't do it All the time so I'm going to take that Number say that 300 yard Par Four and I'm going to take 115 yards off of it And I'm just going to hit 185 shot out For me that would be a six iron so I'll Hit a six iron I'll get it in the Fairway and then I'll likely have a very Good number in a number that I'm super Confident in in fact I would rather have 115 yards Flat Line in the Fairway then Be 20 yards out in the rough having to Hit over a bunker or having to hit to a Tux to a tucked pin I just prefer that Number so now I am putting myself in a

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Better position and I'm hitting a much Easier shot off the tee so when I break It down that way you can see how Important it is to break this down Mentally it's hugely important now I'm Not saying don't ever go for the short Par Four I'm not doing that but step up To it and realistically evaluate what Are the chances that I hit this 300 Yards on the green and for many people It's going to be not very high however There are some excellent drivers of the Ball who do not hit good wedge and iron Shots and I get that so go for it Because you might get on the beat and You might make that eagle absolutely It's just about understanding your game And evaluating it properly I'd love to Hear your thoughts on the short Par Four Do you automatically reach out to driver Do you like laying up do you hit a three Wood and get it halfway there talk to me About what your mentality is I'd love to Hear in the comment section below and Have some discourse on this if you found This video helpful please leave a like Rating it helps YouTube show this video To more people who will find it helpful And if you want to watch some more Content like this that can make you more Confident on the golf course we have Tons of other videos already on the Channel and you can also subscribe to The channel to see all of our future

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