5 WAYS TO STOP SLICING | Golf Tips | Lesson 142

Nick Taylor authorised Stack and Tilt and GOLFTEC instructor explains 5 common reasons golfers slice the golf ball:

#1 Golfers that sway off the golf ball have to swing out to in to make contact with the golf ball.

#2 Golfers that roll the clubface open in the takeaway and take the hand path out tend to swing over the top and slice the golf ball.

#3 Maintaining flex in the trail leg in the backswing prevents the golfer from turning and forces them to lift the arms in the backswing which is the beginning of swinging out to in.

#4 Bending the arms encourages the wrists to unhinge and the golfer to cup the let wrist causing the path to move out to in with an open clubface.

#5 Flexing the left wrist in the back or downswing opens the clubface causing the player to slice across the golf ball.

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