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Golfers of every playing level will soon realize that their overall power originates from their body rather than pure arm strength. Learning to draw on your body rotation to power your swing instead of hands and arms will be the first step towards creating a routine swing you can rely upon. Be sure to position your club behind the ball at address while your body assumes a dead stop positioning.

Modern players have found George Gankas golf lessons to be one of the best resources for swing correction and overall development into a better golfer. Each week, golfers from around the globe tune into George’s golf VLOGs, absorbing the lessons and quickly applying the strategies to their own routine swings. Gankas differs from many modern golf instructors in the sense that he develops a player’s natural swing, rather than reinventing the swing completely.

George Gankas golf videos have captured the attention of nearly every major golf media outlet in the United States. A recent issue of Golf Digest Magazine listed George as one of America’s top 15 golf coaches, alongside many golf legends. The GG Swing Method Online Golf Academy has provided the entire global golf community with the resources to develop a better swing and overall enjoyment of the sport.

As golfers find themselves excessively relying upon their hands to control their golf club, many casual players will experience a great deal of frustrations and setbacks initially. With focused training, golfers quickly learn to move their golf club with their body, which results in a more consistent shot trajectory in time. Controlling your golf club with body rotation rather than your arms will also fully optimize your downswing, allowing players to fully turn through the ball.

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Casual golfers often encounter issues striking irons crisp due to a couple fundamental flaws in their golf swing. An inexperienced golfer sometimes execute a takeaway that angles too low to the ground.

Being low to the ground during your takeaway usually delays your wrists from hinging properly during the backswing transition. Another issue novice golfers encounter results in excessive focus on creating power with their arms. Trying to increase the power of your golf swing by overworking your arms will usually result in flawed posture and a reverse pivot.


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