45° Reverse Bay Parking Manoeuvre | 2019 UK Driving Test

The UK Driving Test includes the option of the reverse bay parking manoeuvre, but it’s also a really useful skill for use in real life. Most new drivers are taught to do the 90° method for their test, but there is another way – the 45° method. In this video we’ll show how to do the 45° reverse bay park safely – with an overview of the manoeuvre from outside the car, and then a more detailed view from inside the car. We also have a few tips for when you need to park between two other vehicles, or what to do if it goes wrong. If you have any questions about the video then please leave a comment and we will do our best to reply.

We have also filmed how to Reverse Bay Park with the 90° method, so if you would like to see how that works click here:

This video includes;
* 0:10 Introduction
* 1:06 Overview of the manoeuvre
* 2:00 Detailed view of the manoeuvre
* 3:08 Reference points
* 3:55 Parking on the right
* 4:47 Parking between other vehicles
* 5:28 Stopping at an angle to the bay
* 6:20 Summary

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Camera: DJI Mavic Pro, GoPro Hero 6 (x2) & 5 (x2)
Computer: Apple Mac Mini
Software: Final Cut Pro X
Music: Space Ride by Vexento
Music Link:

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