3 Senior Golf Swing Mistakes You Probably Make

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There are many factors that affect our golf swing as we get older, and these golf tips can help us continue to enjoy the game without sacrificing distance.

In this senior golf swing instruction from PGA teaching professional Todd Kolb, we break down what changes we can do to help us achieve a more pain free golf swing as we age, and provide some simple golf swing basics to help you get more flexibility, distance and enjoyment out of your golf game!

Start Adding More Distance to Your Golf Game:

Golf Setup – as we get older, we tend to lose flexibility and mobility in our body, which makes rotation more difficult. Take your golf setup a little wider for a little extra stability and flare your toes out for more rotation around the body, and you will be hitting better golf shots in no time!

Senior Golf Swing – younger golfers tend to use a lot more rotation and body movement. As we lose some of that flexibility, we need to learn how to generate more club speed and power with our arms as well with this easy golf swing tip.

Hitting Driver Farther – if we want to maximize distance with our driver as we get older, we need to adjust how we set up and hit the ball. Moving the ball forward will help us hit up on the ball, which will increase launch and decrease spin, helping us get more roll.

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To draw the ball, we want to aim a little more to the right (right-handed golfer), tilt away from the target and have the lead arm slightly higher than the trail arm. This all promotes a more outward path to help us hit that nice high draw, and a more consistent golf swing overall.

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