The rules of golf are ever-changing to keep up with the dynamic nature of the sport. It’s important to keep up with these rules changes, as understanding them allows you to take advantage of their benefits on the course.
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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in I'm George Khan with scratch golf tips and Today we're going to be talking about Some upcoming rules changes according to The USGA and how they affect the way That you will play your rounds of golf In 2023. so the usj recently announced Five rules about how the game will be Changing uh from the USGA perspective The first one is about handicapped Golfers and it's great for including Inclusivity into the game of golf the Second one is about having to show your Handicap before you'd have to represent Your handicap in a sanctioned round Where the handicap is being in play and If you did not represent your handicap Properly on your scorecard you would be Penalized they reversed that which is You know better for the inclusivity of Golf and not having that barrier to Entry of knowledge about the rules but It's not very important to everyone Because not everyone plays a ton of Sanctioned golf with handicaps factored In so we're gonna be talking about the Other three that everyone will have to Know and understand as it will change The way that you play your rounds of Golf in 2023 and Beyond the first one And a very important one is a drop being Affected by natural forces so if you Remember a few years ago at the waste Management Ricky Fowler was on a bank he

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Hit the wall he hit the ball into the Water and he had to drop the ball in the Bank he dropped his ball and it stayed Put he walked up to the green to look at His shot and then the ball by natural Force rolled into the water and before That he was penalized for that and then You have to drop one more time and You're still on that bank they reverse That so now if your ball is dropped After taking an unplayable lie or you Hit it out of bounds wherever that ball Rests that is where you can place the Ball if that ball moves due to only Natural force so if you're on a bangtail Like that just put the ball down if it Continues to roll then you don't have to Drop the ball from knee height you can Place it down within one Club length of Where your job will be originally and You can place it down and make sure it Stays there after you place the ball if It then rolls back in again or natural Force takes it somewhere else then you Can find another spot keep it within one Club length to put that ball down the Next rule change that will affect a lot Of people is the simplification of the Back online relief most golfers are Fairly accustomed to standard protocol When it comes to back online relief if You hit the ball into the water and it's You know deep in the water then you're Going to you want to take the ball back

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On where the line of the ball was when Entered the water now before this recent Rule implementation if you were to drop The ball online and then that ball rolls Closer to the hole you would have to Redrop that wasn't allowed now that is Not the case you you still have to be at Least one you have to be within the one Club length distance from where you're Dropping on that back online drop but if It rolls closer to the hole then that's Fine you do not have to redrop this is Definitely a little bit part particular Because when you're playing a standard Round of golf with your buddies you just Want to drop that ball online and then You're good to go a lot of people don't Go through the hassle of saying oh that Actually rolled a few inches closer I Need to redrop this is more pertaining To professional golf events golf events That are sanctioned for points whatever So this doesn't directly affect everyone But it is good to know now the final Rules change that may affect you is the Replacement of damaged clubs mid-round Now this is an interesting one because Not everyone damages clubs mid rounds Definitely pertains more to PGA Tour Players but we've probably all had a Moment where we've had a putter dinged Up maybe your driver snaps mid round Whatever that may be this again will Cater a little bit more towards

Professional golfers people who have the Ability to replace these clubs but if You're playing a round of golf and you Have a damaged Club from an external Force meaning if you take your Putter And you spike it over your knee and snap It in half you can't replace that Fighter you're not allowed to Um again if you're playing a weekend Round with your buddies you can probably Just borrow your friend's putter but if You happen to have a backup maybe you Have some clubs in your car at the Parking lot you can pick those up at the Turn this will definitely affect Professional golf PGA Tour LPGA Tour Pros they often will have a uh maybe the The face of their driver will cave in After too many reps you see this often With three Woods as well maybe an iron Uh hits a root or something and a lot of Issues happen oftentimes we will see PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players uh have Broken clubs out of frustration it is Important to know that does not that is Not forgiven by this rule you can only Replace clubs that are naturally damaged By swinging hitting a route or something Along those lines I just want to fill You in really quickly on these rule Changes as it is important to know while All these things might not directly Affect your next round of golf it's Important to be up to date on the rules

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And maybe it'll help any confusion that You'll have in the future when watching Uh professional golf on the television Let me know what you think about these Wheelchair changes in the comments Section below I'd love to hear your Thoughts if you want to see more content That'll help you grow your confidence on The golf course then please subscribe to The channel and turn on post Notifications so that you're notified Every time we post as always thank you Very much for watching play well and Take care [Music]