If you’re wondering why you lose distance with driver and irons, this tip is really going to help you understand why you aren’t hitting the ball as long as you should be. There are 10 reasons so make sure you watch this whole tip and write them down. Once you know why you lose distance, you can start working on these areas of you swing so you can increase your clubhead speed and hit the ball longer.

So many people think that to get more distance you need to hit harder. This is the worst thing you can do for more clubhead speed. In fact, the harder you swing the slower your club moves which loses you distance. The problem is, hitting hard feels good so it’s tricky to fully let go and stop trying to hit the ball with your arms.

The way to increase your clubhead speed and get more distance with your driver and irons is by using your lower body to power your swing and keeping your wrists loose. It’s all in your legs and hips which is what you’ll see me do in this video as I take you through 10 different reasons you lose distance. This takes understanding, practice and getting used to completely different feelings as you hit the ball but once you do, you will get more distance on your driver and irons that ever before.

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