🏌🏽 Golf Driving Range Be Different – 60 Second Golf Lesson #shorts

Golf Driving Range Be Different – 60 Second Golf Lesson #shorts

Here is one of the best golf tips I can give you; when you go to the driving range practice as though you are making a shot in a game. If you can practice a shot to your left or right, aim to a small target then it will increase your golfing confidence.

Today we talk about practicing at the driving range in an effective manner that will improve your golf.
How many times when you’re playing are you on the fairway taking a shot with the flagstick directly in front of you and nothing in the way?
Very, very rarely I would guess. So tell me why do 90% of golfers stand on the mat at the driving range and hit 1, 2, 3 buckets of balls towards a distance stake, straight in front of them?
This is not the most useful way of practicing.
I suggest instead, choose different targets to your left and to your right. It does not have to be official targets placed on the range, choose something as simple as a different coloured clump of grass that catches your eye.
Change your target every ten balls or so to maximise the benefit of your practice.
Practicing at the range should be as similar as hitting a shot during a game, forget just hitting balls aimlessly in front of you.

Golf Psychology the Candy makes videos showing you simple techniques that will show you how to build mental toughness in your game, this will not only improve your game results but will also make your golf more enjoyable. If you adopt each video’s hint, tip or technique that you will improve your mental golf game , which in turn will build your confidence.
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