Ever wonder how pros compress the ball and get that solid contact with their irons yet your shots are clunky, they go too high and you don’t take a divot? Well, this tip shows you how to hit your irons so you too can finally compress the ball.

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You would think that to compress the ball you would just hit down on it wouldn’t you? Haven’t you tried that already? If you’ve tried to do that why isn’t it working? Well, hitting down on the ball or trying to lean the club at impact doesn’t work because that is hitting with your arms. You hit with your arms and you will never get the compression on your irons shots.

Instead of hitting down why not try to turn your arms off? Yes, this is different but if what you were doing is not compressing the ball it’s time to try something else. This tip explains it so you can finally turn your arms off. Once you do, you will finally take divots, compress the ball and hit your irons solid.

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