You Won’t Improve Your Golf Swing Until You Understand THIS

If you want to improve your golf swing, you need to feel an exaggerated motion of swing change as compared to what you perceive a motion to be. This concept is called “feel vs. real” and it’s one of the most important things you need to understand if you want to improve your golf game. Watch this video and learn how to improve your golf swing using this simple but powerful concept!

Until you can correctly identify what you’re feeling (your feel), you won’t be able to improve your golf swing. You need to feel the motion of your club through the ball in order to make corrections and improve your golf scores. If you’re looking to improve your golf score, then you need to learn how to feel your swing. Watch this video to learn more about how to improve your golf swing using feel vs. real!

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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in I'm George Conley with scratch golf tips and Today we're going to be talking about a Concept in golf that many amateurs who Are actively looking to improve their Game Overlook or don't know about Entirely and what I'm referring to is The concept in golf Improvement of feel Versus real now feel versus real is a Concept in golf where what you're Feeling in your golf swing could be Vastly different from what the reality Is in your golf swing this concept Especially manifests itself when you're Actively trying to make larger swing Changes because the golf swing is so Heavily based in muscle memory if you're Trying to undo that work say you've been Using the same swing for 10 years you've Hit tens of thousands of golf shots tens Of thousands of Swings with that same Muscle memory you can't just go to the Range and fix it over a course of one Hour you're gonna feel like you are say You're trying to work against an Over-the-top move and you're trying to Shallow out the first first few times That you swing that Golf Club you're Going to feel like you're shallow like You're hitting it like Sergio Garcia Shallow when in reality it may just Barely be changing and it's very tough To gauge when you're just swinging Because you can only feel what you feel

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You can't have a third eye looking at Your golf swing and analyzing it Obviously we can film we can film the Golf swing and analyze it that way which Is important I'll talk about that in a Little bit but the reality is when you Think you're making these huge changes That could just be your feeling so it's Important to differentiate between the Two now what's important to note about The feel versus real concept is that it Manifests itself across all different Types of golf swings it manifests itself On all different aspects of the golf Swing like I said earlier this will only Really really manifest itself when You're trying to actively change your Swing that's why it can be really Frustrating to change the swing because In your mind you're thinking well I'm Doing all of these things so so Differently but the result is the same And that's when improving your golf or Making an attempt to improve your golf Can be really frustrating but that's Because oftentimes golfers don't look Objectively and and they they think hey I'm doing X Y and Z when in reality They're doing a fraction of it so as I Mentioned earlier a great way to analyze Feel versus real and look at these swing Changes objectively is by filming your Swing and filming your swing constantly Because these larger swing changes take

A lot of time you're going to have to Have multiple range sessions you're Going to have to hit a couple buckets of Balls I'm not saying that it's going to Take you six months to implement a swing Change but it won't take six minutes That's for sure so continue to analyze Your swing and compare it so if you're Going through five practice sessions if You're saying hey I'm gonna fix my swing Like I said earlier we'll just go with The example of I'm going to not come Over the top I'm going to shallow out my Swing take a video of your first session Okay I'm coming I'm coming over the top This much all right work on it work on Feeling super shallow then your second Time on the Range okay I'm coming I'm Still coming over the top but not as Much as last time compare those two Videos all right looking good now Continue same drills feel the same thing Exaggerate it as much as you can if That's gonna help now I'm neutral okay Now I'm shallow after four or five Attempts you can continue to film Yourself and film yourself from the same Angle uh slow motion real speed whatever It is have consistency in the way that You're filming yourself and that's going To give you the real view we have the Feel view if you will because we feel The golf swing every time we swing the Club and we're hyper conscious of that


Feel when actively working on swing Change so we know the feel the only way That we can get the Reel is by either Going to an instructor having a buddy or A family member look at your swing on The Range or film the swing and filming The swing is great because it's not just A pair of eyes saying oh I think you did This you can objectively slow down the Swing go frame by frame any phone has Great camera all these phones have very Nice slow motion capability you can go Frame by frame and then you can get a You can paint a very real picture of Your reel there are countless examples Of golfers really exaggerating these Swing feels because they know that if They exaggerated a ton then just a Fraction of that exaggeration is Actually going to implement itself in The golf swing I'll put a few examples On screen but like I said earlier if you Want to come over the top and because You're already really shallow really Exaggerated it's almost like you're Chopping chopping down wood chopping Down a tree really exaggerated and do That in rehearsal a few times get that Feel and then in the golf swing you'll Have that feel but you can convert it Into real just by getting that fraction Of it in film the golf swing exaggerate The aspects of your swing that you're Looking to isolate and change I think

This is a super important for golfers Who are looking to improve their game I Think it's a super important concept to Understand because it will alleviate a Lot of the frustration it helps you Understand the process it helps you Understand how you're working out of Your muscle memory and it really does Align your expectations a little bit Better because there are a lot of Golfers who want to improve and they Want to do it super fast and they feel Like they should be but they're not so It's important to be objective about Your golf Improvement and it's very Important to manage your expectations And I think this concept helps you do so Very efficiently as always I'd love to Hear any of your thoughts on this Concept down in the comment section Below I read and reply to all the Comments on these videos If you enjoyed This video I'd appreciate it very much If you could leave a like rating that Does two things it helps YouTube show This content to more people who will Find it helpful it also helps show me That you're enjoying this type of Content and that allows me to tailor the Future content that we put out on the Channel better to the viewers if you Would like like to see more content from Scratch golf tips you can go through our Page we already have over 150 videos on


The channel so you can go through our Playlists our uploads you can view all That great stuff and if you want to see Future content always you have the Option to subscribe and you can turn on Post notifications to be notified every Time we post thank you all very much for Watching play well and take care [Music]