you need to know this to improve your golf !

This video discusses how to improve your golf by knowing this simple tip about your weight weight and pressure in the golf swing.

I see so many golfers make mistakes by incorrectly shifting their weight throughout the golf swing and getting inconsistent results.

If your after a more consistent more repeatable golf swing then you need to focus your attention on your weight transfer more than other swing thoughts you may have.

In this video I discuss the set up and posture, again talking about the weight distribution between the feet in the set up position. Staying balanced in the set up is key and ensuring you have a wide enough stance equally is going to help you improve your weight transfer through your golf swing.

Talking backswing I mention the importance of getting the weight transfer into the right heel in the backswing and how to transfer your weight correctly in the golf swing.

The backswing is such an important part of the swing and getting balanced in the backswing with the weight on the right heel will make your golf swing more simple and easy but also will offer you more distance and weight transfer when coming into the downswing.

I then talk about shifting your weight into your lead leg in the start of the downswing by creating a lateral movement, this again is an important move to improve your contact with the golf ball, compressing the golf ball and helping you hit the ball further by creating more clubhead speed.

Then onto hip rotation coming further down into the impact part of the golf swing, this now starts to shift the into the left heel coming into impact based on the correct hip rotation.

Having a solid impact position is key for consistency in your golf swing but also for a simple easy golf swing impact has to be key to get the repeat ability.

Impact is the most important part of the golf swing but only exists due to the sequence of golf swing events that have led to the point of impact.

Once impact has been discussed then I finish by talking about the through swing once you’ve hit the golf ball. This is also important for a powerful golf swing but also important for balance and repeat ability the finished position in the golf swing can be made to look easy and effortless but also maintain power and create club head speed so when I discuss how to transfer your weight in the golf swing and conclude on talking about hip thrust, extension and balance with the weight finishing on the left leg then I feel the golf swing has been made easier by simply understanding the foot work involved in the golf swing.

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