Why Your Grip is Killing Your Golf Swing – 60 SECOND GOLF TIPS BY ROTARYSWING.COM

Your golf grip is super important to your swing because it’s the only thing in contact with the club! If you want to have a consistent ball flight, your golf grip has to be correct or you’ll end up having to manipulate the golf club too much through impact to try to square the face.

In this golf instruction video, RotarySwing.com Founder Chuck Quinton discusses the most common grip fault and what causes it.

Be sure to check out the bonus video on pushing vs. pulling to understand why this is so important.

Hey guys, Chuck Quinton, founder of RotarySwing.com here. Today’s 60 second golf tip is about the grip, and the most common thing that I see almost every single day is a right hand grip that’s too weak. Now, I want you to understand why this happens and what it’s going to cause in your golf swing. First of all, let’s look at what a right hand grip that’s too weak is. Typically, when you see this, you’ll see the right hand twisted on top of the club and this little V that’s formed by the thumb and forefinger kind of points up towards the head, instead toward the right shoulder where it should. The reason people do this is because they’re too right side dominant and they want to push really hard with this dominant right hand in the downswing.
If you’ve looked at my video on the push versus pull, which I’m going to give you as a bonus video at the end of this, you know that when you’re starting to push with this right side, it’s just like the demonstration I gave you with the trailer in the truck; your swing starts to jack-knife. You can’t deny the laws of physics here, and so when you’re pushing, this club face is not going to be consistently stable through the hitting area, and that is what’s going to make you a really inconsistent golfer. This right hand grip being too weak is a critical fundamental that you must correct in your golf swing if you want to be a consistent golfer. First thing I want you to do is watch this bonus video on the push versus pull, and then make sure you like this video and leave a comment down in the comments below in case you’ve got a golf tip that you’d like to see on our 60 second daily tips. —
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