Where Are The Good 4WD Tracks For Beginners – [ In The Vic High Country ]

Where are some good 4WD tracks for beginners in the Vic High Country?
With so many beginner 4wd drivers and vehicles exploring the high country.
One of the best areas to check out 4WD tracks for beginners, would have to be out from Mansfield.
This 4WD trip leaves Mansfield on what would be a great three-day 4WD trip across the high peaks and visiting a couple of iconic mountain cattlemen huts.
The 4WD tracks in that area are quite easy to drive around, perfect for the beginner 4WDer. You will drive some very scenic country, river crossings and high-country cattlemen huts.
Having said all of that, you still need to be very careful if the 4WD tracks are wet. The easiest 4WD tracks can become very challenging once rain begins to fall on them.
But before you begin to explore these 4WD tracks. It would be a great time to complete a 4WD driver training course. That will give you a good idea of how your 4WD feels in an off-road situation.
Never go out on your own when you are starting to learn the art of a 4WD. Safety in numbers is highly recommended until you gain a lot more confidence.
Take some basic recovery gear and learn how to use it well before you need to use it in a real recovery situation.
Some of the easiest 4WD tracks that I have driven have been the most scenic, and well suited 4WD tracks for beginners.

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