When Should You Hit A Stinger on The Golf Course?

Golf For Beginners – Where to Begin

Trying to figure out golf for beginners can seem like a very confusing and frustrating matter. You will find a thousand people willing to teach you a thousand different things from what clubs to buy and where to tips and advice on exactly how to swing a golf club. This article will discuss some of the very basics to help you get your feet wet in the sport of golf and help you quickly advance from the “golf for beginners” stage.

What Is a Golf Handicap and How Do You Determine Yours?

You don’t have to golf very many times before you will hear somebody talk about a golf handicap. You may have even heard the term in movies or on TV. Golf is one of the few sports where players of vastly different abilities and proficiency can play together and all involved can still have a great time. This article will explain what a golf handicap is and how it is measured.

Cobra Long Tom Driver – Extra Long Ultralight Club, Produces Monster Distances

Cobra has created the first mass produced 48″ long driver. Constructed of ultra light materials, it is designed for maximum club head speed and produces incredibly long drives.

Correcting a Slice

Correcting a slice will happen naturally when you attend to your basics. In this article, I will discuss good grip, correct stance and proper stroke. Work at implementing these until they are second nature and you will definitely see an improvement in your game.

Golf Swing Basics – Setup Is Key
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For some reason when the majority of people are learning golf swing basics they completely skip or ignore one of the most crucial parts of their golf swing: The setup. The setup in golf is referring to your stance, or how you approach your golf ball and how you setup your body for the swing.

Golf Bags for Any Occasion

Not too many of us have our own caddy each time we play a round of golf, so most of us are forced to carry our own clubs around with us. There are different types and styles of golf bag available to make this job as easy and practical as possible. Let’s take a look at the main ones:

Modern Vs Traditional Golf Clothing

Golf has been played for hundreds of years and some of the same traditions that began at the outset of the game still remain today.  These traditions can be seen adhered to by the professionals on tour right down to beginners at the local 9 hole golf course.  This is quite comforting to see traditions being kept too in an ever changing world.

Hitting Long Irons

The longer the shaft of any golf club, the more difficult it is to hit. Golf clubs with longer shafts force the golfer to stand farther away from the ball making it more difficult to hit. These golfing tips can have you hitting long irons properly and consistently.

Improve Putting

The right equipment, grip, stroke and stance are essential if you want to improve your putting. This article outlines the basics and will help you to sink more of your putts with ease.

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Beginner Golf Clubs – How to Pick Your First Set of Clubs

A Famous golfer once said that the best club he kept in his bag was a pencil with an eraser on it. If you’re planning to take up the game of golf, remember that many high-profile companies offer a wide selection of golf clubs to choose from, but you don’t need the most expensive or technologically advanced set to learn the game.

Does Video Help Your Golf Swing?

Using video to master the game of golf. Have You ever seen your golf swing on video? Video instruction can truly help you improve your swing.

The Golfers’ Key to Lasting Concentration: Concentration That Lasts From Range to Course

It is challenging for golfers to maintain concentration from the range to the course, it requires all of practice. Find out a powerful technique that will help golfers to maintain concentration that would last from range to course.

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