What to Look for When Buying A Used Golf Cart, Golfing Tips For Beginners part 1

What to Look for When Buying A Used Golf Cart, Golfing Tips For Beginners (part 1).

Golf carts are very popular now and not just for the golf course. When in the market for a used cart, there are a lot of factors to consider. You have to decide between new, used or refurbished. It can be confusing. There’s a lot you need to know to make the right choice.

What should you look for when buying a used golf cart? You should look at price when searching for a golf cart. After price, look at the condition of the cart. You will have decisions to make, such as gas versus electric and used versus refurbished, but it will always come back to price and condition of the golf cart.

So, you’re in the market for a used golf cart but need to know what to look for? Don’t worry. We have you covered. From price to condition, we’ll detail everything you need to know about buying a used golf cart.
4 Factors to Look For.
Before you buy, you need to determine your needs in a golf cart. You will need to consider the terrain on which you’re driving, as well how mechanically inclined you are. Determining these will help you see which one is best for you.

Gas vs. Electric, Used vs. Refurbished, Price, Brand.
1. Gas vs. Electric.
Choosing a gas versus an electric golf cart will hinge on several things, such as.

Terrain, Budget, Mechanical Issues, Charging Issues.

Gas Golf Carts.
Golf carts aren’t the slow, creaky machines you saw poking around your granddad’s golf club. Golf carts today can be fast and built for all types of terrains. Gas golf carts are good for hilly areas or long drives.

Other features you should know about gas golf carts are.

10-15 horsepower engine, Can handle adults or pull a load, Higher resale value than electric carts.
More expensive to maintain than electric carts, One gas tank will go 110-175 miles.
More moving pieces than an electric cart = more maintenance, No battery charger required.

If you are handy around an engine, maintenance on a gas powered golf cart may be no problem for you. If you’re lacking in mechanical skills, this may not be the cart for you.

Gas golf carts would be good for the following uses.

Commercial grounds-keeping, Outdoor transportation, Maintenance purposes, Rough or steep terrain driving.

Electric Golf Carts.
Electric golf carts, while quieter, are built more for smooth, level trips involving short distances.
They will have a harder time on steep slopes.

Other features you should know about electric golf carts are.

15-25 miles of driving per charge, Good for short distances or a small community.
Must recharge battery on a daily basis, Needs 6-8 hours of recharging time.

Electric golf carts would be good for the following uses.
Neighborhood/Community driving, Country Clubs, Luxury Resorts, Level or smooth terrain driving.

Except for batteries, an electric cart will come with less cost for maintenance.

Battery Information.

Deep cycle batteries require overnight charge, Have 36 volt or 48 volt operating system.
48 volt operating system will run twice as long as 36 volt, Quieter than gas carts.
Less smelly than gas carts, More environmentally friendly.

You should determine if your community has a community battery charger in case you need to recharge while riding around. You will also need a battery charger if you purchase an electric golf cart. You should make sure it’s an automatic battery charger that shuts off automatically when the batteries are fully charged.
Also, keep in mind that some resorts or communities only allow electric golf carts. Others may allow both gas and electric but charge an additional fee for electric carts.

Here’s a handy table to summarize the pros and cons of gas versus electric golf carts.

Gas Powered Golf Cart Electric Powered Golf Cart.
Good for over 100 miles of driving Good for up to 25 miles of driving.
Good for hilly terrain Good for level terrain.
More powerful than electric Less powerful than gas.
Can be loud and smelly Quiet, no emissions.
Better resale value Smaller resale value.
More money to maintain Less money to maintain.
More likely to break down Less likely to have mechanical problems.
Good for work Good for leisure.
Can refill at any gas station Charging can take several hours.

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