What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Swing (Golf Troubleshooting 101)

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If you have played the game long enough, you will undoubtedly come across a point in time where you have “lost” your swing; this is true for even the best professionals in the world. To make matters worse, there can be both mental and physical components to this situation. For example, it often occurs when making a significant swing change; this can be due to the time required to break old habits or by revealing other inefficiencies further down the road. Remember, one compensation in golf is often due to another.

On a more positive note, this troubleshooting process is a great starting point for players who are struggling to find their game again. Ultimately, if we can use a standardized method, while paying attention to both the larger and smaller muscles, we should be able to remove some of the emotion from this frustrating situation and come up with a game plan to get back on track.

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Tyler Ferrell is one of the leading experts in 3D analysis & golf biomechanics. His background as an instructor and trainer give him a unique ability to communicate how the swing works. Tyler has authored “The Stock Tour Swing” and has been named as one of Golf Digest’s Top Golf Fitness Professionals/Best Young Teachers in America. He has trained and consulted for amateurs, professionals, and coaches alike. Golf Smart Academy was co-founded by Tyler and his peers to bring cutting-edge golf science and affordable instruction to players of all levels.

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