what golf clubs should i have in my bag For Seniors

These are what golf clubs you should have in your bag if you are a senior.

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Okay. I’m going to give you three good reasons why you should be playing a hybrid golf club and why it should be as a senior golfer, very, very much part of your setup in you golf bag. The first thing is forgiveness. The forgiveness of this golf club is a deep cavity, you’ve got the weight around the perimeter, centre of gravity low and a camber sole which makes it very easy to use at all sorts of lines. It doesn’t get any easier than that, forgiveness. The second thing I want to talk about is the actual club head speed coming into the ball. Because a no. 4 hybrid, which is the equivalent of a no. 4 iron is actually longer, you can imagine the club head speed is going to be generated is much, much faster than of an iron, because the shaft is longer so it’s more club head speed. So club head speed.

And then of course look at the golf clubs, compare than with an iron or a fairway wood, you’ve got to gain that forgiveness, so you’ve got three things, you’ve got forgiveness, you’ve got the club head speed and the fact that these clubs are not just there for the perfect lines, but they’re also a rescue club, so you could actually use these clubs now that some horrible lines, some sort of divot holes, so the fairway rough, out of bunkers, there really is – it’s got lots of versatility really you can use this club for, so three good reasons to have a hybrid in your bag. There’s many, many more but those are the three that I would go for. Make sure you’ve got a hybrid in your bag, if you haven’t, you won’t be disappointed by adding one and taking out one of those long irons that you just don’t use.

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