What can Rick Shiels shoot with 10 mulligans!?

Header: How Good can Rick Shiels Play with Mulligans?

Rick Shiels is a well-known Golf YouTube content creator, he specializes in golf club reviews, coaching videos, and fun golf content. He runs the highly popular YouTube channel “Rick Shiels Golf.” If you’re an avid or novice golfer, this channel is just the right place for you. His YouTube channel is designed to help you play better golf, and he provides tips to fix issues with your game like slicing, hooking, and chipping. His content is engaging, humorous, and highly educational at the same time.

Using Mulligans is always a tempting option for a golfer to redeem a missed shot. In this article, we will explore Rick Shiels’ recent video in which he played a Mulligan challenge using 10 free Mulligans over 18 holes and aimed for a score in the 60s. He will show us how to strategize when using Mulligans and despite having Mulligans, still faces plenty of challenges. So, what can Rick Shiels shoot with 10 Mulligans?

Strategy for playing with Mulligans
Rick started his Mulligan challenge with a considerable advantage while playing the 18 holes of golf. Mulligans are second chances at missed shots, which allows him to retake shots he has missed and improve his shots’ quality. He aimed for a target score in the 60s, which is undoubtedly impressive, even for seasoned golfers. Throughout the game, Rick used his strategic insights and knowledge to make the most out of his Mulligans. For instance, he utilized his Mulligan when he knew he has missed the shot and had no chance of getting back in play.


Rick also demonstrated how to take advantage of Mulligans and accentuate a good shot’s quality. While he missed some shots despite using Mulligans, he showcased his impressive strategic thinking and execution in other shots. He expressed throughout the challenge how important it is to maintain focus and keep your aim on the ball while using Mulligans.

Challenges and Good Shots
Despite having Mulligans, Rick still faced a lot of challenges while playing the game. As we know, golf can be a challenging sport, and not everything goes as planned. During the challenge, Rick faced challenging shots, missed opportunities, and even some lost shots. However, he demonstrated his grit, determination, and focus throughout the game. He did have some excellent shots, even with the Mulligans. He credits his good shots to his strategic planning, quality execution, and a bit of luck.

Rick Shiels is a highly impressive and skilled golfer, as demonstrated in his Mulligan challenge video. He showcased how Mulligans can be used strategically and highlighted the importance of maintaining focus while using them. Despite having Mulligans, he faced many challenges, but his adaptability, knowledge, and skill allowed him to overcome the obstacles. His playing style can help us all be better at the game if we learn from his strategies. If you enjoy his content, he encourages you to subscribe to his channel and tap the notification bell for new videos.


  1. What is a Mulligan in golf?
    A Mulligan is a second chance to hit a shot that was not good on the first attempt. These second chances are usually allowed only in friendly games, and professionals can’t use them in competitions.

  2. Can you use Mulligans in professional golf tournaments?
    Mulligans are not allowed in professional golf tournaments. The rule that emphasizes the ‘play the ball as it lies’ makes Mulligans null and void.

  3. Is there a limit to how many Mulligans can be used?
    In friendly games, the number of Mulligans is agreed upon before starting the game. In professional games and tournaments, Mulligans are not allowed.

  4. How can you use Mulligans strategically?
    To use Mulligans strategically, you need to have a game plan that takes into account the specific improvements you plan to make. You should also follow golf etiquette, as tapping on the ball, giving yourselves irregular drops, and improving lies that are against the rules will not improve your strategy.

  5. Which is more important in golf, strategy or skill?
    Both strategy and skill are important in golf. However, strategy is more critical when facing challenging situations and adverse weather conditions. Skills alone are not sufficient to produce desired results without proper planning and execution.

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