Weird Takeaway Drill To Loosen Your Arms In Your Golf Swing

Here’s a weird takeaway drill to loosen your arms in your golf swing. So many golfers I see are super tight as they take the club back. If your arms are tight going back how do you loosen then as you hit the ball? You won’t.

This means you will be purely using arm strength to hit the ball. This may feel good but you will loose distance and consistency if you keep hitting solely with your arms.

This weird drill really gives you a looser feeling in your takeaway so you can keep your arms loose as you swing back. It feels really strange when you first do this so don’t quit after 3 balls. Tee up a 7 iron and give me a bunch of balls. Preferably, 1 bucket. If so, you will see amazing shots and start to get the loose feeling I am after simple by doing this weird takeaway drill.

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Here's kind of a crazy little drill you can be 
doing to start to loosen up your arms. Okay,   So yes, it's weird. It's different. You 
might think I'm crazy. I'm telling you   I have had people do this in the past and this 
totally loosens their arms and if you followed   My teaching for any period of time you'll know 
that I want your arms nice and relaxed. Okay,   From right here down and through I teach powerless 
arms. That means zero power. You're not hitting.   You're not trying to help the shot in any way 
with your arms. So a lot of people though,   You know, they're super tight as they go 
back. So I'm trying to loosen them up.   They're already locked up because they're, you 
know, getting ready to go, they're all tight.   They kind of jerk it back. Lock up. Now how 
are you going to turn your arms off by the time   You hit the ball? Well, that's where this drill 
comes in. So this drill will get you to loosen up   As you're taking it back just to get the 
concept of being loose. So I call it the   Paint brush drill. Okay, so imagine we 
have a paintbrush. You know when you're   Doing a paint brush you're kind of like that. 
It's like a stroke right? A flowing action.   So I want you to do that with your golf club 
as you go back and I know you're gonna think   It's crazy. It's a drill. It's not reality. 
Okay just try it. So we're standing here like   This. We're getting ready to go. What are we gonna 
do? Well … we're gonna imagine the head is like   A paintbrush. We're going to brush the grass. 
See how my hands are going first? I'm brushing   The grass. Brush the grass. We're not going like 
this and breaking it right away all locked up.   This is a drill to loosen you up and get the 
feeling of being loose. So again, I've tried   This with quite a few students over the years 
and every one of them goes, wow, I feel loose   Now. So if this is a great drill, or a drill that 
makes people loosen up, then try it. So get the   Feeling. Watch what I'm doing. I'm not moving the 
head first. I'm moving my hands first like it's a   Paintbrush. Okay I'm brushing the grass. Brush 
then go to the top and then we're gonna hit it.   Nice and relaxed. Nice and easy. So we're here 
ready to go, just hit like little fifty percent   Swings. Okay. And you can actually 
hit perfect shots doing this. So   If you can hit perfect shots doing it then people 
aren't so hesitant to do a drill and that's really   Why people don't do drills. You know, usually a 
drill doesn't make you hit every shot perfectly   So people quit doing the drill when really the 
drill is to get you to learn something, or learn   A movement or a position, and then it goes into 
your swing but people just love hitting golf balls   So they don't do drills. Well, here's one, if 
you do this you can actually hit perfect shots.   So you get ready. Maybe practice it a couple 
times. Oh it's like a paintbrush. My arms are   Totally relaxed. See you're gonna have to 
have relaxed arms to get the club to go,   Or to get your hands to move before the head. 
Okay? If you activate your hands, the head is   Going to go before your hands and now you've 
locked everything up. So we get that feeling  

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Right here just nice and relaxed and 
think okay I'm gonna paint the grass. That right there it's absolutely dead straight. 
All right, so very simple today. Again,   Just to get you a feeling of loosening up. You 
don't have to do this forever you know because   You know you might think you look kind 
of weird doing this or something you know   But it's to loosen you up. So give it a try. 
I would tee up your ball. That was a seven   Iron. So do that. See what happens then as you're 
doing it try to memorize the loose feeling. Okay,   That's all I'm trying to do is get people to 
loosen up. They just insist on sitting here,   You know, whacking golf balls as hard as they can 
so they never improve. They just sit here forever.   It's like really? Yeah. Try doing that swing when 
you're like 75 years old just whacking away at it.   Yeah, if that doesn't hurt your body you know 
it'd be a miracle and you're gonna hit it nowhere.   Okay, so start loosening up. Then 
you'll have a swing for life. So   Give this little paintbrush take away drill 
a try and you'll see exactly what I mean.   I truly hope you've enjoyed this tip. Here's 
another tip that's going to help you improve   Your swing. Now right below that, don't 
forget to click on that link because I'm   Going to send you some free samples of my body 
swing book and video series that'll take you   Step by step by step through how to build 
a powerful effortless pain-free golf swing.

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