Ultimate Golf PAR 3 MADNESS TUTORIAL App Tips Wind Guide Coins Club Stats Chart Hints hacks cheats

Ultimate Golf PAR 3 MADNESS TUTORIAL App Tips Wind Guide Free Cash Win Coins Best Club Stats Chart Hints hacks cheats

There’s still plenty of time to win this thing yourself! Watch us and we’ll show you the way. And then get out there and WIN BIG!

Mastering the Par 3 in this game is crucial to your performance! Every Tie-Breaker Round is won or lost on a Par 3. So, needless to say, when it comes to winning big on an an 18-Hole Par 3 Tournament, we get the job done! And more importantly, this video is loaded with tips, advice, insight and strategies to help you win this event and definitely improve your overall game!

Our goal with every video is to provide you with 3 to 4 terrific tips to improve your score and win more!

We’re in this together. I make these videos because when I wanted to get better at this game, I couldn’t find anything helpful. Just reviews, play throughs, and basic gameplay. That was all virtually worthless. I wanted to learn HOW TO WIN! And that’s what I will teach you!

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These videos are free and will remain free. We invest 40 to 50 hours every week providing tips, tutorials, motivation, and guidance. If you feel led, AND NO PRESSURE, but if supporting our work financially appeals to you, I have a  Patreon account:

I also have PayPal and Cash App accounts. Any support you would like to provide is greatly appreciated. Again, no pressure. Only those who want to give joyfully should do so. Not out of a sense of obligation. But from a heart of generosity!

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