Ultimate Full Body Ball & Pilates Ring Workout – 20 Minutes

New Year – New Unicorn Workout!

Lessons from a Unicorn..

There’s Magic Inside You.
Anything is Possible.
Dreams can come true.
You don’t need wings to fly.
It’s ok to be different.
And always believe in yourself even if no one does.

Jane Lee Logan

Unleash your inner Pilates Unicorn with me!

This 20 minute full body workout uses the ball and Pilates Ring to tone strengthen and keep you moving in creative ways.

We’ll be using the ball in many different seated and standing positions. 

Yes- there will be lunges- including a really fun lunge and ball toss!

How did you think unicorns got such nice legs?

Full Unicorn Pilates Playlist here:

Full blog post with graphics here

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Welcome to Jessi FIT Pilates. Your home to get fit toned and flexible as we #StrengthenStretchandSmile 😄

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