Trio Tuesdays with CTwT E04 – Featuring IAS Officers Abhishek, Aswathy & Anshuman | UPSC CSE

Preparing for UPSC CSE? Have a question that needs an answer? Stay tuned for Trio Tuesdays wherein in the fourth episode we meet UPSC CSE 2019 Toppers talking all about the exam, life and what it takes to reach there – while answering your questions.

Joining us today are UPSC CSE 2019 Toppers Abhishek Saraf, Aswathy Srinivas and Anshuman Raj.
Looking for their in-depth preparation strategies?
Abhishek Saraf AIR 8 | Civil Engineering Optional | 4th Attempt –
Aswathy Srinivas AIR 40 | Medical Science Optional | 4th Attempt –
IAS Anshuman Raj –

– Choosing a stream/course in graduation – how to choose, what to keep in mind when selecting one.
– First day at LBSNAA and on-duty first posting
– Importance of plan B – what was yours?
– Choosing resources for traditional subjects like history – preparation for topics in mains that aren’t in prelims.
– Connecting a topic with many dimensions to improve your answer – an example for any topic.
– Example of studying a particular subject/ topic – your personal strategy.
– Changes that can be brought in studies, activities, speech, mindset, etc.
– Importance of communication skills and language skills
– Answer writing apart from test series.
– Developing an administrative kind of mind – problem-solving approach.
– Correct approach for Newspaper reading for CA and Case studies.
– Avoiding distractions.
– Building concentration and retaining more.

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