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Golfers struggling with a concept known as “low point” will often face a variety of consistency issues ranging from poor contact to erratic start-lines. Students working on their impact orientations (and in turn this concept) may also have added difficulties when increasing speed & power.

For these situations, a simple pool-noodle or vertical alignment stick can increase spatial awareness and provide additional feedback regarding any sway/lunge patterns that may be present; this creates an environment where players can gradually increase the length of their backswing and still maintain efficient impact orientations.

Overall, improving low point should be one of the first considerations in the search to consistently find more fairways and greens.

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Tyler Ferrell is one of the leading experts in 3D analysis & golf biomechanics. His background as an instructor and trainer give him a unique ability to communicate how the swing works. Tyler has authored “The Stock Tour Swing” and has been named as one of Golf Digest’s Top Golf Fitness Professionals/Best Young Teachers in America. He has trained and consulted for amateurs, professionals, and coaches alike. Golf Smart Academy was co-founded by Tyler and his peers to bring cutting-edge golf science and affordable instruction to players of all levels.

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