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TourAngle144 features and benefits for your golf swing:

• Promotes perfect posture
• Promotes a one piece take-away
• Trains you to delay the releasing of the golf club until impact
• Gives instant feedback to prevent casting, and cure your slice
• Instantly secures to any club with your own grip (NO SCREWS, TOOLS)
• Switch between golf clubs in seconds
• Use on the range or course to hit golf balls
• Will help cure your chipping yips
• Fits easily in your pocket
• Set a consistent shaft-to-forearm angle, to build one basic golf swing
• Lifetime replacement warranty
• DVD Golf Lesson from Top 100 Instructor Steve Bosdosh
• Made in the U.S.A

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At it’s most basic level, the golf swing is the rotation of the golf club around the spine, and the golf swing plane that is generated will dictate the success or failure of your golf game. As you start your backswing, the imaginary plane that is created will be tilting forward or backwards and will relate to an inside-out, or outside-in path. Most Tour Professionals execute an outside-in golf swing plane which will insure that the golf club face strikes the golf ball correctly. When you execute an inside out golf swing plane, there will be a tendency for the club to come across the ball, and cause a slice. Slicing the golf ball is perhaps the biggest problem among amateur golfers, and the most frustrating element of golf. In order to learn the correct golf swing plane, you must set-up to the ball correctly with a proper posture, and begin your backswing with a one-piece takeaway. The ability to properly swing the golf club, and square the club face at the point of impact will take practice. There is one golf swing training aid that is able to teach the proper golf swing plane and one that can help build the proper muscle memory over time. It is called the Tour Angle 144 Golf Swing trainer. The Tour Angle 144 is endorsed buy Top 100 instructor Steve Bosdosh, and is quickly becoming the most relied upon aid on the market.

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