Tour Pro golfer SECRET to gain yards instantly!

When it comes to gaining yards instantly on the golf course, every Tour Pro golfer knows that there is a secret technique that can make all the difference. With years of experience and dedication to their craft, they have discovered a method that allows them to effortlessly add distance to their shots. In this blog post, we will unveil the coveted secret that has propelled these professionals to the top of their game. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player looking to enhance your skills, this insider knowledge will surely revolutionize your golfing abilities. So, get ready to uncover the Tour Pro golfer’s secret to gain yards instantly and take your game to new heights!

Tour Pro golfer SECRET to gain yards instantly!

In the world of golf, every player dreams of hitting those long drives that soar through the air and land at impressive distances. Many aspiring golfers look up to professional players for tips and tricks to improve their game. One such player who has been making waves on the internet is Rick Shiels, a popular golf YouTuber who shares valuable insights, honest reviews, and entertaining content related to the sport. In one of his recent videos, he collaborates with Ryan Ruffles, a professional golfer, who unveils his secret technique to gain yards instantly. This article will delve into the key takeaways from the video and highlight Ryan Ruffles’ tips for hitting the ball further.

Continuous Movement, Big Turn, and Staying Connected:
As Ryan Ruffles begins discussing his technique, he emphasizes the importance of continuous movement throughout the swing. Unlike amateur golfers who tend to have jerky and disconnected movements, Ryan stresses the need for a smooth and seamless swing. He believes that this continuous movement generates maximum power and contributes to hitting the ball further.

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Additionally, Ryan talks about the significance of executing a big turn during the backswing. By rotating the shoulders and hips to their maximum capacity, golfers can create additional torque, resulting in an explosive downswing. This big turn is a vital element in adding yards to the shots.

Furthermore, Ryan emphasizes the importance of staying connected during the swing. By maintaining a strong connection between the arms, shoulders, and torso, golfers avoid the common mistake of casting the club and losing power. Instead, staying connected allows for a more efficient transfer of energy, ultimately leading to longer shots.

Pushing and Rotating off the Ground:
Ryan delves further into his technique by highlighting the power generated through pushing and rotating off the ground. Traditionally, many golfers tend to overlook the significance of the lower body in generating distance. However, Ryan emphasizes the need to push off the ground with force as the club approaches impact. This leg drive aids in transferring energy from the lower body to the upper body, resulting in increased clubhead speed.

Moreover, Ryan emphasizes the importance of rotating the hips aggressively during the downswing. This rotation complements the leg drive and further enhances the power generated during the swing. By combining the pushing and rotating movements, golfers have a higher chance of maximizing their distance off the tee.

Ryan Ruffles’ Demonstration:
To fully grasp the impact of Ryan Ruffles’ tips, it is imperative to witness his skills in action. In the video, Ryan demonstrates his technique by hitting a long drive. With a picture-perfect swing, he launches the ball high into the sky, achieving a remarkable distance. The ball gracefully lands on the green, highlighting the effectiveness of his secret technique.


Ryan Ruffles’ collaboration with Rick Shiels sheds light on a powerful technique that can instantly add yards to a golfer’s shots. From emphasizing continuous movement and executing a big turn to staying connected and pushing and rotating off the ground, Ryan’s tips offer valuable insights for golfers seeking to improve their game. By incorporating these techniques into their swings, golfers can unlock that hidden potential and experience the joy of hitting longer drives.


  1. How long has Rick Shiels been creating golf-related content on YouTube?
    Rick Shiels has been creating golf-related content on YouTube for several years, building a substantial following with his expertise and entertaining videos.

  2. Does Ryan Ruffles provide any additional tips for golfers in the video?
    While the focus of the video is on Ryan Ruffles’ secret technique to gain yards instantly, he also offers valuable insights into the mental aspect of the game and staying focused.

  3. Can these tips be helpful for novice golfers as well?
    Absolutely! While these tips are particularly beneficial for golfers looking to add distance to their shots, they can also assist beginners in developing a solid foundation for their swing.

  4. Are there any other professional golfers who have shared similar techniques?
    Yes, many professional golfers emphasize the importance of continuous movement, a big turn, and staying connected in their swings, making these techniques widely accepted in the golfing community.

  5. How often does Rick Shiels release new videos on his channel?
    Rick Shiels consistently updates his YouTube channel with new videos, ensuring that golf enthusiasts have a regular stream of content to engage with and learn from.

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