TOP GOLF TIPS from a EUROPEAN TOUR PRO You will not have seen!

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT MAKES A TOUR PRO DIFFERENT FROM A GREAT GOLFER? These tips give an insight into what this tour pro is thinking when he decides to take his shot! Daniel Gavins who has finished top 8 on the european tour before helps us learn how to use some top techniques to help our golf game and lower our golf handicap! Were filming at chorlton golf club!


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Hello! I’m Liam the Peoples Golfer. I started this YouTube channel to improve your golf game and to bring golfers together in a community.

My main focus is to create relatable and funny golf content while helping to improve the golf game of the average golfer! I also like to explore the Best Golf Courses around the world and Golf Courses Near Me!

I want to help Lower Your Handicap by sharing Golf Tips that help to Fix Your Slice, Fix your Hook and hit Longer Golf Shots! My channel features PGA Pro Lessons on how to Strike Your Irons Better, How to hit Long Distance Irons, Approach Shots and how to Draw or Fade your Golf Shot to get it Closer To The Hole. The Golfing Legend OMP shares Expert Golf Advice on Course Management, Chipping Perfectly and getting More Spin without thinning or duffing the shot. Top Golf tips on Golf Club choice and Golf Shot type. I also share lessons on How to Putt Better and how to Improve Putting Accuracy.

I like to keep my content Fun, Friendly and Informative. I will test Golf Clubs and Golf Training Aids that people are interested in and provide a real, honest and accurate review of their performance. For entertainment purposes I try out Golf Accessories and Golf Products and see if they can improve my performance or if they are in fact just a ‘Fad’.

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Golf Swing Tips
How to Swing a Golf Club
– Perfect Golf Swing –
This section was designed to give golfers illustrated swing tips on how to swing a golf club, to present the textbook version of “the perfect golf swing”, essentially. It also provides information on how golfers can deviate from that perfect golf swing and instead veer towards golf swing errors. The information is broken down into the components that make up a golf swing and comparative illustrations are used in order to quickly highlight key differences. Use these illustrated guides for quick but detailed help on how to improve your golf swing and its many components.

Takeaway Swing Tips
Backswing Tips
Backswing (behind view)Backswing (front view)
The backswing portion of the golf swing begins just as the takeaway ends. It will end itself when the top of the swing is reached. While getting there, several aspects need careful attention.

The left arm should remain straight and the left heel should remain on the ground unless flexibility demands otherwise. The right knee should retain its flex and the left knee should point towards the ball. Hips rotate but they do so without sliding back. While the head stays in the box, the weight still flows towards the right foot. This whole process should proceed at a pace that is slower than that of the downswing in order to protect a solid strike at the ball.

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Backswing Tips
Top of the Swing Tips
Top of the Swing (behind view)Top of the swing (front view)
The top of the golf swing corresponds to the halfway point between the address position and the moment of impact. It represents the position when your hands are highest and the transition point between the backswing and the downswing.

The left wrist should be flat at the top and your spine angle should still resemble the one set at address. The shaft of the club should point towards the target and it should be just shy of parallel to the ground. Your back should face the target and your wrists should be fully hinged.

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