Top 3 Tips For Hitting Irons

Here are my top three tips for hitting your irons well.
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Not only am I going to share 3 tips for hitting your irons consistently, I’m also going to give you a drill for each one to make sure you get solid contact with your irons.

To me, there are specifically three things that I want everyone to do, across the board, to hit your irons more solid.

What are those three?

I’ll go over them sort of quickly, and then we’ll backtrack, and as you watch the video, you’ll see that I’ll give you a drill for each one to make sure that you’re doing it.

Here is the first tip with your irons to make sure that you hit the ball well:

Obviously when I’m hitting my irons straight, I’m trying to strike the golf ball first, the ground second.

It’s important that my low point is forward enough of the golf ball for me to get some sort of compression there. The most important part of that is my weight transfer, or where my body is in space. Meaning, the more my body is behind the ball at any point decreases the odds of me hitting some solid shots. The more my body’s at or more forward of the golf ball increases the odds of solid shots.

The first thing I can do to control that, and the first tip, is weight transfer.

When you watch good golfers and good ball strikers, forget about the setup and the top of the backswing for a minute, but let’s focus just on the downswing follow-through. Wherever you are at the top of your backswing, you want to start to get your weight pressing into your left foot. You want to start to get you moving forward towards the target, pushing off your right foot, pushing into your left foot, to the point where you get to your finish position and your right foot is just up on your toe. There’s essentially no pressure on it. Basically, all of you is up over your left leg.

If you make swings where you hang back too far on your right foot, that increases the odds of fat and thin shots quite dramatically. So, that’s tip number one. Watch the video to see the drill!

Tip number two is turning or rotation. So, again to hit your irons pure, I’m talking mostly about solidness of contact here. I talked about the importance of low point, needing to hit the ball first and ground second.

Well, where my weight is in my feet is a big part of that. The more I can get to my left side sooner helps move my low point forward, but also, a big indicator of that is rotation. All else equal, the more I turn my body towards the target from the top of the backswing, the easier it is for me to have my low point forward. I’m going to hit more solid shots.

If I come down and I don’t turn at all, that increases the odds of my club hitting behind the ball, again if we’re just talking solidness of contact. Once again, as you watch the video you’ll see a drill for this.

The third tip, and the thing that I see come up the most often after the first two, is arm structure.

If you watch good players, again, good ball strikers, and you slow them down, specifically past impact, you’ll notice that most all of them have their arms very straight, by either, let’s say, 45 degrees or a couple feet past the impact. At least by the time they get into the arms and club parallel to the ground in the follow-through, they would have their arms very straight here.

There is a high correlation with that and hitting the ball solid, more club head speed, better club face control, straighter shots, you name it. Getting your arms more straight past impact helps to do that, and that would be tip number three.

Again, watch the video to see all 3 drills!


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