Tiger Woods Demonstrating Wonderful Putting Technique

In this video we see Tiger hitting a couple of mid length (20-30 feet) putts, and there is a lot for everyone to learn from his set up routine, his stance, and his stroke. One key word is “relaxed”: his lack of stress is evident from the moment he starts walking toward the ball to address it, then in his posture and balance at address, and then especially in the motion of his stroke. He employs a somewhat narrow stance with his eyes over or just inside the ball and appears to be evenly balanced on his feet. He makes no effort to straighten his spine or to pull back his shoulders, and he looks completely natural standing over the putt. The putter shaft sits at about 70 degrees, then arcs back and forth on plane as he turns his upper trunk, which is why putting aids that employ a plane board are so effective. His body lines are parallel to the target line (square), which I believe simplifies the effort to have a balanced stroke that keeps the face square to the arc and helps keep the arc from being too severe or too straight back and through. His rhythm is about 85 on the metronome, and he applies a slight strike into the ball to a held finish. Holding the finish (the “Tiger Freeze”) would help everyone, as would not looking at the roll of the ball until the stroke is complete. If you are using a “one-two” rhythm with the metronome, remember to lengthen or “slur” the one, then accent the two, and simply look up on “3”, and you will have stayed down through the putt long enough. When you look up to watch, simply turn the chin and rotate the eyes without moving the body or standing up. You can’t go wrong trying to emulate Tiger’s classic form.

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