THIS Is Why You Struggle Hitting Your Driver! Simple Fix!

Hitting the driver can be quite a challenge for many golfers, and there are various reasons why they struggle with it. However, there is a simple fix that can significantly improve their performance off the tee. In this blog post, we will explore the key factors causing difficulties when hitting the driver and provide you with effective solutions to help you overcome them. Discover why you’ve been struggling and learn the straightforward fix to enhance your driver shots.

Title: THIS Is Why You Struggle Hitting Your Driver! Simple Fix!


Golfers often find themselves struggling with hitting their driver. They face a common issue known as lateral sway, which can greatly impact their distance, accuracy, and ball striking consistency. In this review, we will discuss a video created by Scratch Golf Tips that addresses this problem and provides a simple fix. By diagnosing the issue and implementing the suggested drill, golfers can improve their driver swing and overcome this challenge.

Heading 1: The Issue of Lateral Sway and Its Impact

Subheading: Understanding the Concept of Lateral Sway

Lateral sway refers to the tendency of golfers to shift their weight excessively sideways during their swing, causing them to sway off the ball. This side-to-side movement negatively affects their swing’s low point and reduces their overall performance.

Subheading: The Negative Effects of Lateral Sway

Lateral sway hampers golfers’ ability to achieve maximum distance and accuracy. It alters the low point of the swing, resulting in inconsistent ball striking and decreasing their chances of hitting the desired target consistently.

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Heading 2: Diagnosing the Issue and Implementing the Fix

Subheading: Filming Your Swing from the Side Angle

To diagnose lateral sway, it is crucial to film your swing from a side angle. This perspective allows you to observe any excessive lateral movement and assess the severity of the issue.

Subheading: The Alignment Rod Drill

To address lateral sway, Scratch Golf Tips suggests a simple yet effective drill involving the use of an alignment rod. By placing the rod a few inches behind the trail leg, golfers can benefit from a physical blocker that helps them make corrective adjustments.

Heading 3: Implementing the Drill

Subheading: Feeling Contact With the Alignment Rod

During the swing, golfers should focus on feeling contact with the alignment rod placed behind their trail leg. This physical feedback helps them become more conscious of their lateral movement and assists in eliminating the sway.

Subheading: Emphasizing Rotational Movement

To eliminate lateral sway, golfers should prioritize rotational movement in their swings. By focusing on a smooth and controlled rotation, they can shift their weight properly and avoid excessive side-to-side shifts.

Subheading: Maintaining Neutral Weight Positioning

Neutral weight positioning ensures that golfers distribute their weight evenly between their feet. By doing so, they minimize the chances of swaying off the ball and facilitate a more consistent and powerful driver swing.


Struggling with hitting the driver can be frustrating for golfers, but understanding and addressing the issue of lateral sway can lead to significant improvements. Scratch Golf Tips provides golfers with a simple fix through the alignment rod drill, aiding in the elimination of lateral sway and improving overall performance.

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  1. How can lateral sway affect my golf swing?
    Lateral sway negatively impacts your swing by reducing distance, accuracy, and ball striking consistency.

  2. Why is filming my swing important in diagnosing lateral sway?
    Filming your swing from a side angle allows you to observe any excessive lateral movement and assess the severity of the issue.

  3. How does the alignment rod drill help with lateral sway?
    The alignment rod drill serves as a physical blocker and provides feedback, helping golfers make corrective adjustments and eliminate lateral sway.

  4. What is the role of rotational movement in addressing lateral sway?
    Focusing on rotational movement allows golfers to align their weight shifts properly, giving them more control over their swings and minimizing the chances of lateral sway.

  5. Why is neutral weight positioning important in eliminating lateral sway?
    Neutral weight positioning ensures equal weight distribution between the feet, minimizing the chances of swaying off the ball and promoting a more consistent driver swing.