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Rick Shiels reviews the latest COBRA AEROJET DRIVERS FOR 2023


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Over the last few years cobra have Become a serious consideration when Buying a brand new driver because they Have continued to make great products in This video you're going to see me test And review aerial jet the brand new Driver from Cobra 2023 quick spoiler Alert they're very very good However I really think Cobra missed a massive Opportunity this year that would have Made them much much better All right So here we have a cobra Aero jet there's Three drivers in the lineup and I'll Tell you in a moment why they all are Different to each other but let me tell You a little backstory Cobra over the Last few years have seriously hooked Their driver game certainly since the Incredibly successful Cobra F9 now since That launch they've also had two Athletes two co-ambassadors who have put Their insight into these drivers one of Them being the longest player on tour Bryson deschambeau and the other is one Of the longest drivers of the golf ball Ever Kyle Berkshire now with their input Cobra have made these drivers this year Incredibly fast apparently now the big Story is aerodynamics obviously hence a Bit this Aero jet name the design of the Heads are helping you and all golfers Swing these dry drivers faster

I'll test that in this review now the Three in the lineup you've got the Aero Jet standard you've got the ls version Which is the low spin the weights are More forward and then you've got an Aerojet Max which has a weight at the Back and also one in the heel so you can Make it a little bit heel bias to stop It leaking off to the right Now the actual Club heads look really Good this year I mean they've gone to Kind of a bit of a an American theme on The colors with the red white and blue And obviously that translates into the Head cover as well which by the way is Very nice and very premium but they're Also Quite safe for Cobra like they're not Super super flashy bit of carbon on top With the fact that gloss which actually Does look really good carving underneath And to be honest that's pretty much it From the actual visuals they've got this Kind of multi-composite finish here on Top and there's one thing that I've Definitely noticed this cutaway here on The corner which connects where the Hosel goes in Ah I don't know why I don't know why They've done it this kind of triangular Section it's not my favorite it kind of Sticks out and certainly when you put The club Behind the ball it's not the Best thing my eye kept getting drawn to

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It and there's definite feeling that you Almost want to set this club face more Open address with that little cutout so That's definitely something to know And another thing before I come on to The technology you'll notice something Missing from these Cobra drivers CNC milled face now Cobra talked about This for so long over the last few years Their big story how they can make the Face as fast and efficient as possible Um It's gone from aerojet now Cobra Claiming they don't need CNC milling This time because they've brought out Powershell hotface Where this face is now faster more Efficient better energy transfer so You're going to get more ball speed and They've done that by thickening and Thinning of the club face behind so it Makes now 15 hot spots across the face Even if you're not hitting in the middle Apparently it's still fast They've also introduced a power Bridge Which is a 13 gram suspended Bridge Which sits along the bottom of the head Which to be honest I'm actually glad They've done that this year Cobra my Biggest critique about Cobra drivers is Off bottom hits they've always felt Terrible Well with that power bridge I must admit Hitting these drivers they do feel

Slightly better it's a bit similar Similar I'll use that word carefully to What Callaway have done in their driver Lineup with jailbreak it's the same kind Of shaping but instead of going from top To bottom it's now going from toe to Heel so that's all the tech time to get It on the golf course and give it a test And I've focused my attention on the Aerojet and the aerojet ls I went over To JCB and just hit loads and loads of Shots I started with aerojet to start Things off on the first hole which by The way is a very very daunting first Tee shot first shots ever with this Arrow jet And I was very impressed I was a couple Of things I noticed the sound was Phenomenal like this really satisfying Crunch off the driver face they've got The sound nailed on again visuals behind The golf ball looks good I love that Carbon finish I just don't like that cut Around the hustle it just doesn't look Very nice at all for whatever reason it Doesn't really put you off but I just Couldn't stop looking at it but overall For the first bit of testing with the Aerojet I stun on a few T's and hit a Lot of shots I was very very impressed I Also hit some shots on a drivable par 4 Which requires accuracy and distance Well I must admit I hit some Unbelievable shots what I found with the

Standard Arrow jet it did feel fast I've Got no data just yet at that point I've Got some now it did feel fast when I was Swinging it and there was definitely a Tendency for the Aero jet to leak a Little bit to the right I almost missed Nothing to the left with standard Aero Jet and actually I hit this shot into The green and uh knocked it in for kind Of classify it as a as a testing Eagle Wasn't a real Eagle moving on to LS now Head shape looks behind the golf ball Looks totally the same there's a little Bit of difference in the actual dynamics Of the head actually when you look at it Close up but not really that much Difference in its kind of playing Position LS really likes the biggest difference Between the two drivers with standard The weights at the back this 12 gram Weight is at the back and that's it with Ls you've got two at the front a 12 gram Weight and a three gram weight so that Central gravity has been pushed further Forward I've come on to that waiting in A little bit later LS version very good Same satisfying sound and I'll be honest With you Great deal of difference you caught Argued that the ls version this lower Spin version of those slightly Off-centered hits maybe didn't perform Quite as good but overall on the golf

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Course very very impressed I could Definitely play either of these two Drivers from what's on the course Then it was time to get testing I went To Torx GC quad hit loads of shots with All three drivers now normally if you've Seen my drive reviews I swing about 110 Miles per hour which I wanted to monitor If these made any difference with its New aerodynamic shape I normally have Ball speed around about 160 miles per Hour carry the ball 280 yards with Around about 2 000 RPM spin Aerojet first well distance wise it Improved I was carrying the ball with Aerojet standard 285 yards getting I Must have made a little under 160 miles Per hour ball speed but because of the Launch and the spin I was getting that Really nice distance With ls I was carrying the ball Tall one yard further than that 286 Yards very similar spin very similar Ball speed it again backs up what I saw Out on the golf course Both however from testing I saw had Pretty good dispersion like there wasn't A great deal difference in Flight I Wasn't hitting a massively right and Left good level of forgiveness like they Were good distance good sound good luck Good dispersion like taking a lot of Boxes that's why I said at the start of This video kind of spoiler alert they

Are really good What was interesting before I come on to The max in a minute what was interesting I did notice some Club head speed Improvement now when I say some I'm in a Grand total of One mile per hour I was swinging Certainly standard Aero jet at 111 miles Per hour which is fast on the fast side For me anyway So far so good Max version again the max Maybe isn't suited for me behind the Golf ball again it has a very similar Profile to these other two heads but You've got to wait at the back of the Weight in the heel Um I found that one to be a little bit Of an odd one it didn't for me carry as Far carried at 274 yards and I had all These drives in the same Loft same shaft And it spun a little bit more I must Admit I found it a little bit harder to Hit straight which is weird because that Should be the max version for whatever Reason I just couldn't get on with it uh Certainly in testing now before I come On to my really interesting take that I Genuinely believe Cobra should have done This year this lineup I think they Missed a massive trick that's top price 429 pound for the driver Um a little bit cheaper than your Taylormades or your pings or your Callaways but definitely Cobra of height

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Took the price a little bit over the Years since the super popular F9 driver Which was about 350 pounds now brings Them quite nicely onto my final point F9 and you've heard Miss talk about the Phenomenal Drive of the F9 for many Years every time I have a new Cobra Review I talk about the F9 because it Was so so good I think this year Cobra cord Could have bettered the F9 I do I really Do and they missed one vital point this Year Cobra didn't need three drivers it Absolutely did you saw that from the Results like that Max one for me Certainly didn't work but I just don't Think you need it if they had Just one driver this year like the F9 That was just one driver if they just Had the Cobra Aero jet this year and Priced it a little bit lower than 400 Pound they would have crushed it and It's for me and I'm sure I don't know Enough about Club Golf Club engineer but These two are so similar why did they Not just take the Aero jet which has Already got a weight at the back and put Two similar sized weights in the front The same size weight sorry in the front Then you've got the option to put the Weights at the front if you want low Spin if you want more forgiveness put The heavy weight at the back if you want

It to be a little bit more draw biased Stick that weight in the heel or fade by A stick it in the toe and with this idea Of mine there's three main advantages For you the golfer number one it makes The buying and fitting experience of a New driver much simpler you've now got Three choices you've got one that does Everything number two with the three Weight system you've got a driver that Evolves with you let's say you've got a Massive slice and you buy the max Version to help with that massive slice But over time maybe six months down the Line you're now hitting a hook you've Kind of fixed that slice well you want a Driver then to be able to adjust and Adapt and with the three weight system You've got that option which I think is Much simpler and easier for you as a Golfer and my final Point number three Imagine if Cobra only had to manufacture One driver as opposed to three surely There's got to be cost benefits for that Sure it's got to be cheaper just making One driver compared to three different Cast heads therefore you'd like to think They would pass that saving on to you as A golfer to keep that price point under 400 pounds They missed a big chance of doing that This year COBRA aerojet they are good It could have been it could have been The successor of the F9 they were close

But not quite guys thanks for watching Make sure you like And subscribe be sure To subscribe to my new review Channel Which will be starting very soon we'll See you next time