These A.I Golf goggles are basically CHEATING!

I can’t believe how game-changing these A.I. Golf goggles are! They feel like cheating, but they’re totally legal. Let me tell you all about my experience with them in this blog post.

These A.I Golf Goggles Are Basically Cheating!


Howdy, y’all! I recently stumbled upon a mind-blowing video by Rick Shiels Golf, where he tests out these futuristic A.I golf goggles that claim to revolutionize the way we read greens and putt. As a golf enthusiast myself, I was intrigued by the bold statement that these goggles are basically cheating! So, I dove headfirst into the video to uncover the truth behind this bold claim.

Testing the Waters

In the video, Rick Shiels straps on these high-tech goggles and heads out to the putting green to see if they can truly up his putting game. The excitement in his voice is palpable as he describes the incredible features of the goggles and how they aim to enhance one’s putting skills through cutting-edge AR technology.

Unboxing the Innovation

Rick walks us through the unboxing process, giving us a detailed look at the sleek design and advanced features of the A.I golf goggles. From mapping out slopes to calculating the perfect line and speed for each putt, these goggles promise to be a game-changer for golfers of all levels.

Putting the Goggles to the Test

With a twinkle in his eye, Rick finally puts the goggles to the test on the green. As he lines up his putts, we get a first-hand look at how the goggles overlay crucial information directly onto the green, helping Rick make more informed decisions and sink those tricky putts with ease.

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Verdict: Are They Really Cheating?

After a series of putts and a thorough review of the goggles’ performance, Rick delivers his final verdict. Do these A.I golf goggles live up to the hype, or are they just a flashy gimmick? Join me as we uncover the truth behind this bold claim.


In conclusion, the A.I golf goggles showcased by Rick Shiels Golf in his latest video are undeniably impressive. The way they utilize AR technology to enhance putting skills is nothing short of revolutionary. While some may argue that using these goggles is akin to cheating, I see them as a valuable tool to improve one’s game and elevate the overall golfing experience. So, are they cheating, or are they simply the future of golf? I’ll let you be the judge!

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Thank you for exploring the fascinating world of golf tech with me – until next time, keep swinging!