The Ugly Truths About a Strong Golf Grip


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Strong Grip, Weak Grip, Neutral Grip: What is your grip doing to your ball flight and golf swing?

Understanding the ramifications of using a strong grip can be the difference in fixing your golf slice and worsening it. Golfers who play successfully with a strong grip do exist, but for the vast majority of amateur golfers and weekend warriors, using a strong grip probably results in more headaches and missed fairways, lost balls and further frustration. In this video, PGA Professional Todd Kolb explains how a strong grip can be the cause of a nasty golf slice, the reason why you can’t seem to improve your chipping game, and maybe even why you have problems with accuracy off the tee box.

From our article on Grips:

Easily, the most overlooked aspect of the game is the grip. As beginners of all ages first get started, it’s very simple to find oneself in the “grip-it and rip-it” type mentality. Here at USGolfTV, we would like to take this chance to emphasize the vital essence of your connection to the game…the grip.

For those of our readers who aren’t familiar with this term “strong grip”, it very simple. With any type of grip, the hands will be placed on the club in basically the same position relative to each other.

To relate to both right and left handed golfers, a “strong grip” occurs when both hands are rotated on the club away from the target, thereby promoting a closed club face at impact. For example, a right-handed golfer would have a strong grip if both hands are more to the right and a “weak grip” is exactly the opposite.

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