The Putting Arc will improve your Putting

Golf Life is focused on helping golfers improve their golf game. We got the chance to try out a putting tool training aid that will help improve the path of your putting stroke.

The Putting Arc is a training aid that all golfers should have. It works because it’s based upon natural body movement which can be quickly learned and repeated. Results can be seen in several days. The clubhead travels in a perfect circle (radius R) and the projection of this circle on the ground is an ellipse in the shape of the Putting Arc.

The putter is always ‘on plane’ (the sweet-spot/spinal pivot plane). The intersection of this plane with the ground is a straight line, the ball/target line. The club face is always square to the above plane. It is only square to the ball target line at the center line of the Putting Arc. You are learning an inside-to-square-to-inside putting stroke.

There are 3 different styles of the Putting Arc that you can purchase. They have the MS-3D, the MS-3D Yellow and the Travel Size.

When you practice with the Putting Arc, you work on three things, the on-plane putting stroke, correct initial alignment, and correct clubface angle. All are equally important. When the Putting Arc is correctly aligned with your target, the center line is perfectly square to the initial starting direction and it provides an excellent visual confirmation that your alignment is correct. This is as important as the other two elements. The other lines on top tell you if you have correctly maintained the clubface angle by not manipulating the clubface either closed or open during the stroke, while the arc tells you if you are swinging the putter on-plane. This is the only putting training aid on the market which has the capability to correctly teach these three putting components at the same time, and that is one reason it has been used by 17 of the 24 Presidents Cup contestants and over 500 touring pros.

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