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Golf and Calorie Burn: An Equation Involving Entertainment and Health

Active sports can be a great way to shed that extra fat you’ve always wanted gone. No, we are not asking you to take up rugby, football or tennis. Although relaxing, golf can contribute to your efforts to lose excess fat on the greens.

3 Reasons to Play Golf This Month

You Will Benefit from the Exercise – It cannot be disputed that the low-impact exercise one receives from a round of golf is good for one’s overall health, including one’s heart. The Rose Center for Health and Sports’ Sciences in Denver, Colorado shares some interesting research-based stats concerning the average number of calories burned if one were to play a 9-hole course: Golfers who walk and use a pull-cart: almost 720 calories…

The King of the Golf Swing

While advances in golf technology certainly provide a measure of improved consistency and driving distance, the biggest power generator and key to a repeatable golf swing is often overlooked by the majority of amateurs. Little do they know what they have been searching for has been with them all along. And they’re probably sitting on it right now!

The Differences Between Men’s And Women’s Golf Clubs You Need to Know

As you get ready to tee off a wonderful session of golf, take a closer look at your clubs. Have you chosen the right one? It is not only a decision about the woods, irons, wedges, and putters.

5 Popular Golf Destinations In Florida

Florida has geography as diverse as its southern heritage and scenic beauty as spectacular as its history. Over the years, the state has attracted top-notch golf architects to take advantage of the region’s undulating terrains and low-lying marshlands to transform them into stunning golf courses. With pine-lined lush courses, world-class resorts, and proximity to endless array of theme parks, Florida golf destinations are easily among the world’s most sought-after locations.

The 5 Tips That Could Help You to Have the Right Golf Training Aid

Golf being a classy game requires necessary skills to pursue it well. The right equipment can let you have the best experience with being at the game.

Golf Tips: How To Improve Your Chipping With Sports Psychology And Self-Hypnosis

Chipping when it is done poorly, can be very frustrating. When you chip well, it feels great. Chipping is both mental and mechanical. This article will give the golfer a total of fifteen psychological and physical tips to improve the art of chipping.

New Golf Club Upgrades Center Around Golf Drivers

From all evidences it appears as though advances with golf clubs in 2016 will appear nearly the same as the ones out of 2014, particularly among golf drivers. Over the past years there has been not less than 15 adjustable drivers that have been launched, and that looks like typically the theme while we go forward. Let’s quickly find out more about the realm of adjustable drivers together with just what they can and can’t do for those normal amateur participants.

A New Perspective on Golf Instruction: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Armed with a basic understanding of swing mechanics, the majority of well-seasoned golfers only seek professional instruction as a last resort. Perhaps a change in attitude is the first step to breaking the cycle of fault-finding and error correction that often impedes the road to constant improvement. In this article, we offer a brief overview of the stigma attached to professional instruction. The ultimate goal is to create a more salubrious outcome for both student and teacher.

Golf Tips: How To Stay Relaxed When You Are Putting

Do you get nervous when you are about to putt? Are you tired of missing easy putts? What can you do to get your mind and your body ready to put a nice roll on the ball? This article gives some psychological and physical tips to help you remain relaxed when you are about to hit a short putt or a long putt.

Take Time to Enjoy a Good Game of Golf at an 18 Hole Course

Taking some time out from routine to putt and drive at an 18 hole course is a refreshing and relaxing way to recover from the humdrum of everyday life. Why not enjoy nature, make new friends, and enjoy fine dining at a nice respite?

Features of the Best Golf Courses

Every golfer has an individual favorite among the many golf courses. Different fairways offer various features, which can make the green even better.

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