The Perfect Golf Swing Takeaway

Here are two simple drills to fix your takeaway
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Now, when we’re talking about a golf swing takeaway, there’s a couple pieces that are involved here…

And when I say ‘takeaway’, I want to define that by: If I take my normal setup, by the time the club gets to parallel to the ground in the backswing, that’s what I would define as a takeaway. From setup to about parallel to the ground.

Those first few feet of movement is what we’re going to call the takeaway and it could be the most important part of the swing.

Now, there’s a couple of things that I see happen as to where people would go off with the takeaway, and I want to go over those things here first. Ideally, when I take my normal setup, from here to that spot that I mentioned, which is club parallel to the ground, a couple things that I’m looking for here.

From the down-the-line view, I’d like the club shaft to be roughly in line with the toe line. So, if you were to imagine there was a line on my toes between me and the target, I’d like that club to be roughly on that line. Can it be slightly outside that line or slightly inside? Yes, it can, but I would prefer it to be right on that line.

Watch the video to see me demonstrate this!

The second part that’s important is the club head to hand ratio. What I mean by that is, again from down the line, it should look like my club head is even with my hands in the takeaway position. What we want to avoid is that club head being drastically inside my hands or drastically outside my hands.

If you watch better players, I would prefer the club head to be even with or slightly outside, or on this side of my hands by the time it’s first parallel. I don’t want it inside, and certainly there could be problems if it’s over the outside.

So club on the toe line with the club head about even with my hands is the idea there. Let’s use that frame of reference and talk about some things that go off.

Now, the first thing that I see is most common, probably 75% or more, is during the takeaway, the hands start to work too far away from my body and the club head starts to work in. Now, there is too much “roll” here.

So when I start, my hands are only a few inches away from my leg. By the time my hands would get to my right thigh, they are the same distance away or slightly closer. I don’t want your hands getting farther away from your body. As soon as your hands go out, the club head is going to roll in.

Now, this being the biggest problem I see, I’m going to give you drills specifically to fix this problem, and I have two of them that I’ll use. Watch the video to see both drills.


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