The Perfect Golf Setup for Better Golf Swing Tempo (60/40 METHOD)

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You have heard us talk about the 60/40 method for your golf setup in a lot of our golf lessons, but why does it work so well for your golf swing?

The 60/40 Method is 60% pressure on your lead foot at address, 40% pressure on your trail foot. Having this split allows you to create some movement in the golf backswing to pivot without swaying.

It also provides you a means to create better golf swing tempo, and we all know that proper golf tempo is a big key to consistency on the golf course.

By knowing the proper golf swing weight shift, you can unlock a great source of power in the golf swing that most amateur golfers do not properly use. Not only will you get better contact, you will understand the difference between a golf sway and golf pivot,

This golf swing weight transfer will be the golf sway fix your game has been missing!

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