The ONLY Backswing Lesson You Need (BUT HAVE NEVER HAD!)

Building a PERFECT backswing is within the reach of EVERY golfer. The basic movements of Extending, Tilting, and Turning are performed every single day by every single person on the planet going about their daily lives. There’s really is no MAGIC secret gifted to the best golfers, just an understanding of how to to move correctly. It’s NOT a fitness or lack of flexibility thing, it’s a lack of clear, precise instruction thing.

The blending of Extending, Tilting, and Turning has been the way good golfers move for generations.The basic movements of the golf swing were clearly defined and described by Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett of Stack & Tilt when they published their book “The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing” back in 2009.

Knowing HOW TO MOVE is the KEY to training the correct movement patterns. Knowing exactly WHERE TO MOVE TO builds a foundation to the golf swing that is present in ALL GOOD golfers, and CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT in poorer ones. Predicability is key!

The GOLFTEC SwingTru Study proves how the movements patterns that good golfers demonstrate are more similar to each other, than different. Equally, poor golfers move in a predictably POOR way – it’s what defines them as poor players!

This video tackles the specific details of HOW TO MOVE from set-up to the top of the backswing and should be applied by ALL GOLFERS, from beginners looking to build their swing to more established players looking to be more consistent.

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