The golf clubs I’ll be using to start 2022!

Are You A Competitive Golfer?

Any golfer, by definition of golf being a sport, is competitive. Even those who shun tournaments and only play what they describe as ‘social golf’, can’t help but be competitive. Whether it is against an opponent, beating a previous score, playing the course or the elements, golf is always about competing, and ultimately competing against yourself.

Does Your Golf Swing Feel Natural?

Having an unnatural swing will only serve to hurt your golf game. If you feel uncomfortable each time you swing the golf club, this is a problem.

Getting Your Golf Swing Right

When working on your golf swing, you have to put in the time to really get it right. It is not something which will magically improve in a day or two; amateurs really need to take the time, look at the current swing they have, and improve off of it.

Golf Workouts

Golf workouts are necessary in order to achieve a full range of motion during the golf swing. If a player lacks the necessary flexibility and strength to achieve a full swing, the power is just not in there.

Building a Challenging Golf Course Requires Customized Solutions

This article serves as a guide to the service of golf development. It explains the various steps that are necessary to build a challenging course.

Learn the Power Move to Blast the Ball the Golf Pros Use, But Don’t Teach Any More

Why has the average players golf score not improved over the last 30 years with all the changes and improvements in golf equipment and golf balls? It’s the Swing that’s the problem, get back to the Old School Power Golf swing to shoot lowers scores.

Diamond Springs Golf Course Hamilton, Michigan – A 4-Star Certified Course

The Diamond Springs Golf Course was completed in June of 2002 as a beautiful 6,803-yard, Par-72 course with a slope of 127, and a rating of 71.8. The Diamond Springs course is unique in that the entire course is mowed to one length of grass, eliminating rough. While a “roughless” course might give you a very generous playing area, don’t get too comfortable as if you stray, you’ll suffer.

Golf Gym Training

Golf gym training is an excellent way to improve your game as well as your overall level of fitness. For golfers who are serious about their scores and want to ensure that they will be able to play the game they love for many years to come, time and money at the gym is money well spent.

Can Golf Training Drills Be Free?

When a golfer implements golf training drills, their game gets better. Can you find them for free? If you’re creative enough you can, but be aware these drills may not be what the doctor ordered. Many times golfers try a bunch of them, but none of them really fix their swing. Why is that? It’s because they didn’t get to the root of the fault first, then get the specific drill that will cure it. Haven’t you watched the Golf Channel, saw something tried it and it didn’t work? That’s because you didn’t need it. You needed one more precise to your issue.

Golf Tips for Beginner – What Is So Crucial to Know?

Start Out Wrong Only To End Up Wrong. There are many significant things that can be included in this discussion for Beginners Golf Tips. It is important to concentrate on these 4 key elements of…

Fine Tuning Your Golf Swing

Fine tuning your golf swing is when you’re at the point where you have all the basics and you need to bring them all together. You have decided on your golf grip, you’ve got your golf stance down, you’ve corrected your slice, you have a good golf swing plane and making solid contact, most of the time. Some days, your ball striking is pretty good. You play again the very next day and you can’t control your golf ball. What’s going on?

Correcting Golf Swing Flaws Is Easy

Golfers struggle with correcting their golf swing flaws, and it doesn’t have to be that difficult or frustrating. Many times, they are taking the wrong approach and only making the situation worse. An inefficient golf swing can be caused by many things. Could be a flexibility issue. Or setup, posture, takeaway, downswing, and even as simple as your grip. The key is to get to the root cause of your flaws, and the best way is with video. Taking a video of your swing is a telltale thing to do. What you think you’re doing and what you are actually doing can be 2 totally opposite issues, and finally getting to the bottom of your mishits shed some light on your lack of performance, and or distance.

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