The Golf Club 2019 feature PGA Tour: Swing Basics

In this video we break down the basics of the swing mechanics, to help you understand how to read our new shot feedback meter and how to better manipulate your shots.

Swing Tempo:
Fast Backswing = Accuracy Penalty
Slow Backswing = Power Penalty
Fast Downswing = Draw / Hook
Slow Downswing = Fade / Slice

Swing Plane:
Left = Pull (right-handed) | Push (left-handed)
Right = Push (Right-handed) | Pull (left-handed)

Swing Difficulty:
Club set, surface type, lie angle, and shot type all impact the difficulty of a shot.

Partial Swings:
A partial backswing will reduce the carry distance of your shot. Be sure to reduce your swing tempo accordingly.

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