The Best Putting Tip Ever! (No Joke – Try It)

Welcome to our blog post where we reveal the best putting tip ever! Trust us when we say that this is no joke – you’re going to want to try it. We have discovered a game-changing technique that will surely elevate your putting skills to new heights. So grab your putter and get ready to revolutionize your game with our expert advice. Let’s dive right in and unlock the secrets to a perfect putt!

The Best Putting Tip Ever! (No Joke – Try It)


Hey, golf enthusiasts! We’ve got some exciting news for you – we’ve discovered the best putting tip ever! And no, this is not a joke. If you’re tired of struggling with your putting game and want to improve your accuracy, then keep reading. In this article, we will unveil a tried and tested putting tip that has been proven effective by many golfers, including ourselves. So, grab your putters and let’s get started!

Practicing with an Indoor Putting Cup:

When it comes to improving your putting skills, practice is key. We found that putting for hours at the golf course and at home using an indoor putting cup helped us in developing a consistent and accurate stroke. This method allowed us to focus solely on our putting technique and hone in our skills, without the distractions of the entire golf course.

Being Target-Oriented:

One crucial aspect of becoming a great putter is being target-oriented. Instead of fixating on your stroke, shift your focus to the target. By doing so, you eliminate overthinking and allow your mind and body to naturally react to the putt. This approach helps in maintaining a fluid and effortless stroke, leading to improved putting accuracy.


The Wiggling Putter Technique:

Now, here comes the secret sauce – the wiggling putter technique. This putting tip has gained popularity among golfers for its simplicity and effectiveness. By wiggling the putter before hitting the putt, you create a mental connection between the putter and the target. It helps to enhance your focus and concentration, enabling you to consistently hit the intended line.

Avoiding Stroke Overthinking:

One common mistake many golfers make is overthinking their stroke. Paralysis by analysis can hinder your putting performance. Instead, focus on the target and trust your muscle memory. By incorporating the wiggling putter technique, you divert your attention away from the stroke and towards the target. This shift in mindset allows for a smoother stroke and improved accuracy.

Practicing the Wiggle Drill:

To fully grasp the benefits of the wiggling putter technique, it’s essential to practice it consistently. We recommend starting with the wiggle drill, where you solely focus on the wiggling motion of the putter. Practice this drill until it becomes second nature, and you feel comfortable incorporating it into your putting routine.

Hitting Putts of Various Distances:

After mastering the wiggle drill, it’s time to put it into action! Head to the practice green and hit 25 putts of various distances, implementing the wiggling putter technique. Start with shorter putts and gradually extend the distance. Feel the rhythm of the wiggle, and let it guide you towards the target. With each putt, you’ll notice an improvement in both your accuracy and overall putting game.

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Expect Exceptional Putting:

After devoting time and effort to practicing this putting tip, expect to see a significant improvement in your putting skills. The combination of being target-oriented and incorporating the wiggling putter technique will make a noticeable difference in your accuracy and confidence on the greens.


Golfers, it’s time to step up your putting game! The best putting tip ever, the wiggling putter technique, can be a game-changer for you. Remember to focus on the target, avoid overthinking your stroke, and practice the wiggle drill consistently. With patience and dedication, you’ll witness exceptional results in your putting accuracy. So, grab your putters, head to the greens, and give this tip a try – you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Can the wiggling putter technique help with my long-distance putts?

    • Absolutely! The wiggling putter technique improves your focus and concentration, which benefits all putt distances.
  2. Will using an indoor putting cup genuinely enhance my putting skills?

    • Yes, practicing with an indoor putting cup allows you to isolate and refine your putting technique, resulting in improved consistency.
  3. Is the wiggle drill suitable for beginners?

    • The wiggle drill is suitable for golfers of all skill levels. It’s a fundamental practice that helps develop a solid foundation for putting.
  4. How long should I practice the wiggle drill before incorporating it into my putting routine?

    • Practice the wiggle drill until you feel comfortable and natural doing it. Once you’ve built the muscle memory, you can start using it in your everyday putting routine.
  5. Can the wiggling putter technique completely eliminate three-putts?

    • While the wiggling putter technique can significantly reduce three-putts, it ultimately depends on your skill and consistency. Practice diligently, and you’ll minimize those pesky three-putts.
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Remember, the best way to improve your putting is through consistent practice and experimentation with different techniques. The wiggling putter technique is genuinely worth a try, and we hope it takes your putting game to new heights. Happy putting!