The BEST Golf Course I’ve played in USA! (So far) #Break75


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This would be a Scenic place to have a First birdie of the deck I must admit I've got a bit of a track Record on some of the really beautiful Golf courses actually making birdie It's all good Never plays golf course in my life but I Just know that's so good is this real Life Absolutely stiffy I'm gonna break the Flag basically Told you that was going to be five feet And now I've got 30 feet apart This is absolutely spectacular All right guys I'm back in the USA And don't want to disappoint you So we're gonna do break 75. Somewhere outrageously special today I've got a few Incredible golf courses lined up the Next few weeks you're in for a treat and We're starting somewhere I've never been Here before I've never played here Before and I am unbelievable excited Iowa Look at this place This ball is here on the First Tee Apparently it costs 4 million there's Only three in the world and one of Them's here and I'm playing with this Man today Ryan The Falls what's happening mate yep Good to see you thanks for having me and Uh we're going off to Tiger tees

Good luck break 75 off the tiger tees It's a good challenge for both of us I Think you said it's almost it's almost 8 000 yards yeah I mean it's seven I think It's 77 from The Backs we've got a bit Of wind today it's cold it's not going To play any shorter than it would Normally so good luck if you break 75 Around here it's going to be a good Effort now Ryan is a tour pro and he Will say in the even if he's two over Through five that's an accomplishment These first five holes are brutal and Today in this wind is going to be into On four out of the first five so not any Easier so Look at the place I mean it's absolutely Incredible and I was whispering once Don't want to disturb anyone it's that Good right let's get to it breaks 75 Here at Iowa Orlando Florida Let's go and do it have you got a Target Break 70. Break 70 break 75. You want to lead us off or no not one Bit So you've got about 250 yards over that Rope bunker ideally if you could just Hit it over the bunker great for me with Three wood it's touch and go so I'll be A little left I'll close this is what a Face it's absolutely immaculate Let's do it

Oh A little left but it'll be all right Ha Oh ripped right let's do this this is Literally tiger tea Hanging ahead Could get away with it As long as it hasn't kicked right you'd Be all right a girl's a bit too much Fake I had a weird feeling last minute I Was gonna hit that straight left so I Over compensate slightly we're all right We're gonna find it yeah you'll do it This is for the left and I wanted to so Because of that dog leg right I've got Ages in actually I made this whole Little harder than it should we've got 163 yards front pin wind should be Basically out of my left potentially a Little bit of hurt so it's about an Eight iron for me I think hopefully See how that works out at least Go Travel Or I got away with that And now it's money Members bounce yeah so actually my shot Off the tee was fine if it would have Over kept cutting to the right it might Have got in trouble we're in a good spot Now three in front of me I'm only 125 Yards out now Ryan Has told me that as in the first five Holes are outrageously difficult but he

Said the second hole is like one of the Hardest holes in the world and he's not Told me anything about it so I don't Know what to expect so I feel like we've Just got to get off to a steady start a Nice little part to start things off 50 Degree wedge Oh fatted it travel Oh that's not a nice spot for me That's not a nice spot for me at all on The first hole that was a bit of a nervy One Okay third shot into his first old Powerful Hold on to your hats ladies and Gentlemen things might get interested Here Pretty good Yeah not bad shot not bad Brian it's the Greatest golf shot I've ever hit in my Life Right come on in Ryan Drop ah after all come on report never Quite mastered grain but let's not start Now Shouldn't worry you too much they're Pretty fast and it's cut so tight that I Don't think it plays I don't play much Here I suppose you'd see like dark and Lighter size yeah because this is cut so Tight and quite compact I it does play a Little bit but It's not drastic like you might play Some places

Oh wow that's done the opposite of mine Ryan I tickled it keep going absolutely And it's run that far faster oh my God I Don't actually think I could have hit That any softer I'd like to say you can get it back on The next but Yeah hold on Gosh it's not the end of the world big Greens they're fast They don't get any flatter either Now as you might expect Ryan and lots of tour players play out Of here She used to be the home of tiger back in The day playing around here any other Big kind of big nose Ryan yeah tons I Mean back in the day this was a bit of The mecca Marco mirror was out here uh Retief goosen's still out here uh Bubba Watson Um just to name a few and now we've got Lucas Herbert Um myself Sam horsefield Danny wheeler Yeah Tommy Fleetwood I mean there's Plenty of us out here now so it was the Mecca back then and we're starting to us Young guys we're trying to kill you yeah We're trying to carry it for us so let's See how we got All right we're driving to the second Hole now I've not looked at the Scorecard even what the hole is Ryan Told me get a blind reaction because

It's the hardest hole possibly in the World okay Ryan's just like stood on the Tee waiting for me What Oh my God and it's about a part three Yeah A quick story horsefield and I actually We're uh we were playing a little match A couple years ago and we were playing Alternate shot against another two and We played from this T to that pin and Somehow an alternate shot made booty on This hole so it's a pretty good one I Know people on the show I've seen Horsefield before so You put a nice little three wood up There for me and I knocked it in I mean that's just stunning in it yeah I Mean that's just stunning terrifying Everyone will put it this room left yes Uh if you want one of the granier chips That's existed in golf so it's I'd Rather go that than yeah I know yeah It's a great short part four Are you gonna hit I got three iron out Okay For me I mean I try and go like a bit more up and over And then let the ball fall right okay Oh that's so good I'll be phenomenal There he is we will take that We'll absolutely take that that was Absolutely ridiculous thank you wow what

A golf shot I didn't listen to my own Advice there I took it deep towards the Pin so that was unbelievable so is wind Helping yeah well that's kind of why I Like playing that shot here because I Feel like if I pull that shot I can get Away with it and if it cuts like that It's money if I go too straight it I Don't know feels like more bad stuff can Happen I'm only fear here I've got three Wood or two iron I feel like three would might be what Shot are you going with high fade yeah The wood might be a bit easier to get Over that and two iron okay come on You've given me a good marker Oh I bailed what's over there Ryan There's grass over there That was not a big heart you'll find it And you'll be able to play it I'm very Interested to see you play the next one But A green right I've barely that left I Didn't get the cut I wanted Ryan took an Unbelievable Einstein here honestly that Was so good I think from here downhill Lie trying to go for the pin is Genuinely impossible so we're gonna get Where Ryan is on the green I'm gonna go Just left to that Foreign I couldn't do much more I have to take My medicine Does it ever get boring Ryan

I can't say I've been bored too many Times here Look at that Special Come on two putts get out of this hole Much as it's beautiful It's bloody scary Slightly uphill off the right Chase Good line I think right yeah I was Surprised yeah you kind of like you've Gone through a few into the grain bits I Guess and it's just I'm really surprised That's finished shot I thought I'd give That enough I thought I'd give it too Much to be honest scared you on the First hole when you Right come on this would be a nice two On video forever Ryan or it will be Showing you what are your nails and your Grandkids and your great grand kids the Time that you birded the second hole Nobody will believe me unless it's right Now back pin from the tiger tees Gotta go reading it I think so Come on roll her in let's get this party Started with a bit of Birdie sauce nice And early Oh I thought it was going to come back But oh great pop sorry no Birdie's here Do not worry but I will take a three on This hole anytime yeah I'm not upset you Still might show the grandkid I'm Actually the time I made power on Hall

Too Okay just off the right confident port Ion no problem pushed it easy work the Hole we'll take a four there it's fine After like I said it's a short part four So you made paw I like the attitude what A hole right what's next A long par five unless it's pumping Downwind and I feel like I can get there I don't hit driver if it was massively Downwind I'd try and cover the corner a Little bit Yeah and really and then it Starts to open up but for me today I'm Hitting driver right into that narrow Bit between the bunkers and the hazard Okay so I'm just hitting it I'm gonna Try and hit straight ahead just at those Monkeys A little spinny we'll be all right Outside You're gonna have to lay up anyway so It's just anything that you feel like You can just kind of poke and play up There's Perfectly fine I'm gonna go with yours and try and fade It out the back You do have a bit of wind off the right You just can't feel it here Oh it's not caught Rick it's fine no Problem so as it gets away from that one Magnolia that it's Not yeah you're fine Good it's good actually like if you're

Going to hit it anywhere Not too Miss that's all right it's a Little bit tuggy a little bit held onto The face a bit too long on the direct Line which is through the trees we've Still got 350 from my bowl So you want to push it up there as much As you feel like you can it's like a two Well I mean you can hit a 200 you just Might have 180 or 190 in Phoenix so it's Like three wood now three would die yeah If you can if you can slot a three wood Up there money I'm gonna try and almost hit three with The exact same shape as the Fairway and Just hang it out left of those bunkers Oh no no no no no no Hit the tree Oh yeah and started out too I've got a bit of a left on me today That's all right drive that three wood On the last hole but obviously the Course is in your favor so luckily it Hit the tree and bounced down because Otherwise I think that might have just Been out of town someone's back Garden Someone's swimming pool Strike Really good strike thank you Okay third shot into part five and uh Yeah could have done with not hitting The tree and I mean I could have done With hitting tree because it would have Been in that house but I'm still 214

Yards away from the PIN Slightly awkward lie but should be fine Carry on drawing should be enough Club Oh just yeah so right now yeah you're Gonna might just be over the back but no Problem okay I feel like this golf course is going to Test every Tiny limited amount of skill that I have Yeah this is like this is why this hole So hard even if you go for it it's just Like that goes up the top and it just Rolls all the way back and then that was A great way up for yours That sounded so good it looks phenomenal Maybe you need to get up a little You think a bit short Don't know yeah a bit short but It kind of stabbed it into the ground a Bit not my best but it's all right we're On there Okay Fourth shot back of the green I kind of Just hit it in a bit too low I had a Feeling I'd have had to play it much Higher to get it to stop on the screen Certainly from 200 yards out the rough So just over the back a little chip back Towards it got two thoughts at the Moment kind of hit it low and run it up Is that a shot that works around here Ryan like yeah you just gotta make sure That it's flat enough if it's too loopy It's gonna get stuck but if it's more of

A scrape like a nine iron or an eight Iron or something like that it'll Definitely run up I mean that's probably The shot I'd be playing there I was Gonna go like 50 degrees I'll pitching Yeah if you've got pitching ledge yeah As long as you like maybe Hood it down a Little bit or something it'll Chase up For sure Solid man Not easy good shot Wasn't my most fluid of swings but it's Not that We've got to put opportunity for power Go Chase Up the hill yeah okay mate all right Even through three I'm still I'm still Happy No damage done I like the vine set Come on that's up and down for a par Just ran right idea I did think I was going to get there Again just ran out of speed Oh okay three ball gets through three That's all right that's all right no Panic yet Hurricane band it's like beating your Head against the wall I must admit yeah if you were If you were a little bit Rusty Or maybe you've got a few too many Drinks the night before maybe this isn't The easiest start for around the golf I

Mean it's not me obviously Um So you've got 480 yards straight into The wind Um I mean to be honest I might try and take On a little bit of this left bunker but Not much today back into the wind if you Hit hammer it up the right hand side Just where you see the Fairway that last Bunk is probably 295 to get into so Correct should be fine Sure Just cut a little Yeah it should be money bouncing should Be money I like that so you see where the palm Tree is Yeah the one over the bunker yeah on That let me let me tell you it's 270. oh Okay so I'll stay just yeah I mean if You go straight up the Fairway on the Right hand side you're going to be Ideal okay Come on Yeah fine might squeaking might squeak In the right rough but it's no problem Quiet getting the driver Yeah no problems Good yeah it's fine second shot into This path four 209 yards pretty pretty deep green as Well so if you're a bit past it not a Big deal

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She's trying to hit the it's gonna land On the green it's got you've got to get The height It's like I've been playing a lot of Links golf at the moment trying to hit It low so it's a bit of a different shot Try and play a little a little drawer in There hopefully it can Scurry up on that Front edge Oh that's an absolutely terrible golf Shot What was that I mean you've got the green to work with I guess I know but that was real bad Into a bit of a wind my eight iron goes About 170 I'm a bit worried that it Might pull up a bit short I'm just going To smooth in a seven here Um yeah good I know how far it went but It's cut off a bit of the corner which Is nice Strike sit a little Wind hits it and then go in the hole Oh yes I'm surviving yes Great shot just bring the cameras out And I'll be fine Uh interesting one here third shot into This part four That's a really weird four-line shot Obviously hit the right distance but it Went just straight right anyway I'm just Gonna play it safe again Go for the right side of the green Gets the harder to go towards the flag

So right side of the green Bit unlucky was that it's like that's Like plugged when it's hit the green no Rollout at all so what happens when you Hit it so pure yeah I mean that was pure I looked at the light walking up it Didn't look too good I was actually all Right I could it's a stupid one because Now I think I should have gone for the Pin more now I'm like oh why did I play More aggressively but that's a safe way Ryan's told me these first five holes You've got to get through them I don't Want to make Bogies but it's It's where we are it's even not lighting For par It's got a break Good speed it's really surprised me that Yeah it kind of straightened out up here Yeah it really surprised me I thought it Was going to really snap come on Ryan A lot of averages says this one should Go in Wow That was a misread good roll the guy Yeah I just thought it was going to come Back Right I thought this might have some Influence but oh well pause four burgers Four pass On the fifth part three part three not Short not short Great not short not easy It's very sneaky so you can kind of see

It from here yeah but if your PIN higher Short and you're right it'll come all The way off the green and down 20 yards Into a ball oh my God so you either have To be left to the pin but if you pull it Left to the green you will never get it Up and down okay So you kind of want to be long right Which is actually quite a hard shot for A right-hander is to get it long and Right so then you've got a really hard Putt coming back that's not too bad if You can get it long if I was playing a Tournament today I would be aiming at That right side of the green with plenty Of club and hitting it to 50 feet and Just trying to get out of here mind you If it rolls down in the bowl it's not Gonna like Ball's not bad either Oh hello get there please be good there And go in the hole Get oh Ah got a good caught me on a good day Love that I absolutely love it Do something like that Okay I'm just gonna look at the flag and Hits it Wherever it goes It goes two iron Get Lucky Good luck But if you pull it left of the green you Will never get it up and down okay Good luck Let's put the hardest costs it's really

Bloody hard Look at this for a minute I mean Ryan's At another world a great shot there pal Thanks man Just Amir Let me have a look at this you toss a Ball there yeah one two three Three and a half yards if it's here You're in the valley Okay so I'm actually going to try and play Just a little one think it in here Run it up and then pray That's pretty good wow That's unreal actually That is unbelievable Thanks right and there you are you're Through the you threw the fifth hole Hold on The card so technically riding before We're saying he'd be happy with two over Through the first five and four over to The first five so my calculations that Only makes me two over for the front Five I've had some chances to be under Three five which is this is it now yeah Another chance but this is it right now I've made this first five look much Easier you guys know that it's not that Easy but the oversold it to us come on Break break oh I love the court Incredible you just passed the hole it Looked like you hardly touched that oh Yeah it was so tricky I mean if it

Breaks at all it's Automate level par through five let's Get going hopefully I don't eat my words About those first five so that's it now It's it's easy now it's not easy it's Just a bit easier than that it's easier Right six hole scatter in a bunkers a Few bunkers down the left and then it Looks like uh Plenty more sand up near the green A little bit of a shorter hole can't Lose your concentration but Yeah just something up the right hand Side should leave a wedge in okay I stayed there I stayed I stayed there Not sure we'll know until we get up There it's close I couldn't tell yeah Right on the edge Big difference if that's in the bunker Or not Oh you are kidding me Someone's Garden Depends how lucky you got it sounded Like you hit a lot of wood don't know Which way it went but Ah I'll hit another you might need to All right That's fine Should have done that the first time Getting lucky today the trees are Currently on my side Okay 195 playing 205. Sounded all right sounded amazing Be good

Oh Honestly that was I don't know what what's quite fully up There but it looked like it was from What I was trying to aim for two yards Off Oh man God The tree gave me a chance The bunker gobbled it up Ball above my feet gotta hit it up but Stop it before the back looks like a Flyer lie 113 up the hill playing 117 and 96 Playing 102 to cover the bunker I'm banking on this flying a bit because I've got 60 degree in my hand I hope I'm right Yeah Since it's a space be good Oh yeah I should miss I think I was right Right honestly that was unlucky I'm a Slightly bit gutted that I went from Five iron to six iron because I Literally hit it on that little uh Little high top bit there and it rolled Back right into the bunker right to the Back of the bunker as well oh Not bad I just didn't grab I mean 15 feet probably okay I'll take that I'll take that Come on you do one you won you have You've almost left yourself this sort of

Range put on everything every hallway Go Go go Yes baby oh come on there Yes Thanks mate well done I told you to get Through the first five and you're good How are you going to set the World Online I like that was a great footpath Thank you okay Slightly down the hill right to left Low low every day Ah bad Port wreck Really bad pot actually if you don't put Here that often it's a very tough course To put on yeah I was annoyed with that They're just so fast with so much like Subtle slope going on it's Hard to see How's it going so far it's going pretty Good I'm even happier to get through the First five and even than I am the birdie That one so one under through six Downwind par five I actually got the Next three downwind so hopefully some Chances if I keep playing nice I hit all The greens so we keep that up we'll be Good and yeah keep it going not many Holes you've been able to see the flag No like straight up the middle of the Bunkers downwind par five I think it's Maybe I don't know five Four five yeah five forty five fifty Something like that oh no 570.

Um Two good ones you can get up near it Though downwind downhill yeah Should be good Boom should be good Yeah good night ball that's crazy right That's your normal Club at speed uh About 125 mile an hour thereabouts Um straight away yeah just Need to trust this fade again Oh that's in the water Softly There's actually a little bit more room Than you think if it's short enough you Could be okay yeah yeah well then you Could be all right yeah ah my driver What's wrong with it She This weekend I'm actually going back Home to Australia I haven't been home in Four years so I'm heading home to play The Vic open which is a tournament that I've played really well out in the past And I'm super excited about that my game Is the best I think it's ever been for Me Uh and then after that I'm gonna head Over to Europe and play a little bit Over in Europe I played in the US mainly The last few years and I got some Opportunities over there in Europe this Year so I think I'm gonna go over there Trying my luck and I'm like I said I'm Playing really nice I'm really happy

With my games out so I'm excited to get Over there as I mentioned I hit it so Bad it's actually okay Um Par five second shot I mean look by the Way just look at this view just for a Second sorry before I hit this shot look At that Quite a few fish in there you have yeah I've had some big ones in there yeah Right anyway We're not bloody nature show Let's play some golf David Attenborough Snow anywhere down that left side yeah Anything left to those bunkers if you Feel like you could cover the bunkers Then great but if you can't cover the Bunkers then just out to the left thrill Has not been behaving that well we've Got quite a good pin today too okay It's gonna work out fine yeah good safe And left Yeah should be fine Ryan's a good lob isn't it Good player Really nice like I've never actually met before Um Just taking this YouTube life and his Stride Um I'm kind of quite worried actually I Imagine yourself a YouTube channel It's great golf He's Aussie

Decent looking It's a game over Go Yeah safely on the green pin High left Yep you'll see that's a tricky little Part though but it is it's a put for Eagle yeah Okay third try and says part five Actually third not expected I don't know If you can tell but you probably can't See the bottom of the flag from here Like you'll go up and over a ridge is it A massive green huge yeah it kind of Like so if you if you hit this like pin High and to the left it'll feed down to The right for you Because it looks obviously the front of The green only looks like 60 yards away Yeah but then yeah I mean it's probably What back to front it's 37 yards yeah that would be about right Because I've got 107 into this flag I'm gonna hit a full 56 degree Obviously Long's not my friend is it If you're long left you've got a Backstop a big backstop that'll feed Back to the hole so I want to be left And and get up there get back there Yeah Landing it on the number would be Money Looks pretty good that should be down a Little for you Yeah this will be good that should come In if the pins were I think it is that

Should be good nice my head's it longer Yeah and it's fun and spun back should Feed towards you oh I'll take Okay this is nice This really is a nice corner of the golf Course Ryan's got I know you're on about now it's quite a Complex put there yeah like see if I was To hit that iron shot like three yards Further right I'd probably catch this Ridge and feed down and honestly if your Picture I'd had less spin it'd probably Even be better to just come Straight if it would have been two yards Longer it would have been dead dead a Little less spin it would have been Right next to it I think so my mine's Pitched here It's come up this bank and then screwed Back to there with a but if it just kind Of plug there you'd probably be right in Here yeah if it just dropped there yeah I'll take it though yeah not bad not bad Shot at all it's a nice hole into it This won't be a slow putt that I've got Here It's gonna be fast Oh that's wonderful Take that that is wonderful take that a Lot of putt from there Wow well judged thank you but you might Not be able to kind of appreciate on the Camera here from where Ryan was putting

On top of the hill from where you are Now it's just all downhill great birdie Path thank you really good all right see If I can join you yep Oh Good roll I'm not quite sure why that one stay out You know we're gonna want to come back Are you how does that I don't know How does that happen It seems to happen to me more than Anybody on the planet That was that was good speed oh that's a Solid path thanks Pat we'll get it going Man how many times have you seen that Happen on this channel where it looks Dead set to be going in And somehow A redefine gravity and it stays above Ground That stinks All right eight hole Before Ryan yeah part four tough one I Mean it's you got about 250 over the Left bunker maybe 275 over the middle Bunker and 310 over the last bunker Um the more you can cut off the easier Next shot's gonna be so yeah I'm gonna Try and take this over the last bunker Okay uh we've got a bit of downwind so I Should have that covered with a good one Um Yes

All right just tell me something which We're going to show you when we go A little hidden little hidden uh what They call it like a little Easter egg But Mr Palmer might have left on this Golf club and designed it Yes Oh yes That should be by my calculations pretty Good come on Big Boy driver let's get Going you've not been playing ball today If you go over that left bunker honestly It's good real good that's where I'm Gonna go Kerry all right go go go go go go Gary Writing it good cover I didn't see it Bounce I couldn't see with the Shadows But I don't know if it might be in you Could be in the E might be in the e I'll show you There's one more letter can anyone guess It s-e We're a family friendly Chapman Okay so somehow I've got incredibly lucky I've actually landed in between the Bunkers Um so as we mentioned on the tee There's three bunkers here and it spells A three-letter word I don't want to say it Look at that shot from up there Right Creative

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Creative right second shot into the Screen Right between the E and the X Let's get it close Let's get it in eh let's do it and then Out and then in and then out Sounded good stop drawing just a little Left You know I think you caught a piece that Like corner piece yeah yeah I think You're right yeah yeah Oh we got 130 to the pin pretty middle Not much around it Um great drive by the way thank you uh My 52 goes 130 but I reckon I got brand New wedges so I reckon I might spin a Bit too much so I'm going to take a bit Off a wedge See if we can keep this run going I did not see that up into the sun Oh yeah got it just left yeah last me 15 Feet or so not too bad On the Green It was actually quite a decent shot from Down there pin High Is that tea anyway uh that should be Fine should be left to that pal Thanks anyway Um I'm gonna have to take it up top up The left hand side Chase Foreign No problems easy good part thanks puff It's so reassuring when you're playing

Greens this smooth yeah you can just you Hit a good putt you know immediately off The bat if it's in or not correct you Don't get well has a chance like you Don't get lucky with bad foots do you no At all like I hit a bad part there and It just looks it probably looks even Worse on camera and just gone yeah You can either go straight up the right But like for me would be a three wood Downwind if it's into the wind I gotta Hit drive up the right but it's Basically trouble left trouble right I'm Actually gonna downwind go over the Trees a bit and try and take it over the Corner Um because normally for me if I can Cover the corner it's nice and wide but That should be so good pretty good Yeah Yeah okay good Drive come on That's the one Money really good it'll just kick a Little right you'd be perfect morning And really good are the things I like to Hear especially on this t-shirt Okay so I'm just slightly locked out by This overhanging tree I didn't quite Kill my driver But oh it was more important about being Straight I thought I'd just say that 172 From here so make 170 from yours okay And do you think just covering that Bunker if you cover that bunker it's

Good you've got 20 yards between the Bunker and the flag and probably another 10 behind it okay I'm Gonna Be Right Tired That was a weird strike it might work Out all right though Yeah yeah you're on there long puppy You're on the ground that was a bit I Don't know no problem you're right over That no problems Not my best not my worst either I should have done better it's a Pitching wedge but That's all right front nine I think I Hit every Fairway every Green is that Right sounds about right I mean do that the rest of the year We're gonna have a good year I might Have more subscribers than Rick by the End of it Long long range birdie puller Come on let's finish the front nine With a par Good speed Yeah good roll Because that was the first time I've got One past the hole yet it's gone Three or four feet past not too bad Go baby go swing Incredible speed thank you solid front Now and I'll take it very nice well it's Not too under a couple under yeah Let's knock it in yeah Inside the hole

I think thought I'd missed that to be Honest you're back I thought I'd just Slightly pulled it you're back I'm back Making pass baby You know you have a five over front line There not stellar But I could imagine If a few things went the wrong way for Me there that could have been a big yeah You can get out of control kind of quick But we do this back nine is If you hit some good shots you're Starting to hit better shots too Considerably easier so Right big butt nine coming up plenty of Birdies let's go sunset in Epic holes we Should get some pretty good holes here Too tight or good no good is it good Wowzers Come on Rick get the driver going Go The dinner bunker Okay there's no lip really to deal with Okay I'm in the bunker here on 10 Ryan's Also in the bunker just a bit further on 115 yards into wind S just said go you can go short left or Long right Because another bunk it'll catch so I'm Gonna go over this tree just here on the Left I've got pitching wedge I'm gonna try And get it all the way back there Sounded real nice well it's long and

Left I think yeah I mean it'll just be a Chip from there Yeah you'd be all right It's not green but you just have a chip Across the green Should be nice Should be good hopefully It's a very very thin green in it yeah Like it's got to be precise like I said Like anything in here just funnels off And We might see it It's a fog hit the flag Oh stop stop stop stop stop stop stop Stop stop stop stop yep A yard Ryan that was gone yeah and also A few inches to the right it would have Been in I feel like I've had this length but Every hole and also left to right this Length about every hole every single Time Oh just ran out of speed I gotta him a Little harder okay so I had a good look At this when it went past knock it in This is going to be firm just right Edge Just just outside right Edge Good roll and you know what I just Didn't on the line I was going for I Didn't hit it hard but I think they're Just a tiny bit of grain there that just Pulls it to Right Ah silly bogey

We'll crack on these next two are quite Spectacular especially in this lighting It's gonna be pretty fun next hole Is they've tried to do something very Similar to 12 at Augusta but a little Bit harder Okay You'll know what I mean when you get There 11 code part three and just look at that Gorgeous over this little pond Very similar to the 12th of Augusta but As Ryan said longer Or thinned it but no That's a bailout Oh Not my best All right five iron I'm gonna go out the pin and just draw It yeah off it Foreign Okay so I'm just off the back of the Green here right on the top of this Spine as I mentioned anything right Anything left would have been Treacherous I'm gonna put it I've just got to get it Through that Kind of grainy grass to get onto the Green that's going to be like a roller Coaster all the way down Slope Didn't snag it too much it's about any Port if I'd have gone to the green it

Would have got to the hole for sure yeah Anything would have gone down to this Corner anyway yeah Come on Ryan Keep this score card blemish free Yes yes sometimes the putters got to Barely out I guess wow well done mate What's the first green you've missed yep Not my best ship but I'm lucky I can putt the first chance of You potentially dropping a shot and no It shuts it out refusal I don't know Right I think it's pretty straight Mine didn't move a whole lot Up the hill pretty straight See if I can join you with a path Ah silly It's tough you miss greens around here It's very hard to do anything with it Really difficult Ah two silly Bogies there to start the Batman Got another gem coming up we basically Got gems all the way in now Yeah maybe just barely in the right Rough but um you just want to go See this overhanging tree on the right Just the left like the left hand side of It like where it's hanging over yeah There's plenty of room out the right too So My room right in life uh You're just getting closer to the hole For the right you go sir

Yeah money Really good Best of the day I reckon yeah it was Better You will have no issues there I can Assure you that Hawaii is always good All right look at this I mean come on This is something special second shot Here on 12. and pins kind of front of The green but Ryan was saying anything Past it within kind of 15 24. all comes Back to the hole so we're a bit more Club Because I'm going to stick it in close Could be great You're like right in between the two Slopes it's a great shot but thank you It's not going to catch the slow but It's money like really good It's a tough shot I don't know how to take this is that That's a really good shot is what I'm Saying that's all you need to take Thanks I've kind of just got in that Middle ground where anything five ten Years longer than that where I pitched It to would have actually gone up the Slope and then create enough momentum to Come back down and obviously everything Short of that would have gone much Closer so a bit of a no man's land but Hey it was a nice shot On a nice hole Let's jump out

Thank you Thank you Wow This is something special You can see especially these back pins Like the backstop you've got there So we've got two nice shots yeah very Nice pal good job let's get some very Tricky little hole Those houses across the way are pretty Special too like I said they're for sale So if you're looking for your next pad Little us-based yeah done Okay come on This would be a hell of a hole to have a Birdie on Down the hill Kind of looks a bit it doesn't look that Much break in it to be honest with you Well I've pushed it again whoa Terror ball popped Ah Did all the hard work I did the good Drive nice iron shot And then this very disappointing put Come on Ryan show us how it's done yep That's the plan Every day found the Potter let's go on The back nine every day that was smooth That was in from halfway yeah that one Was pretty good for a while starting to Heat up let's go Okay straight back up the hill yep Beauty mate cotton off

Sorry I should have grabbed the pin Don't be silly what a hole One of my favorites that Very special Part five yeah part five this is the one Where tiger kind of couldn't move it Um Uh the left edge of those trees money Again like yeah you probably reach that Left that first left bunker so kind of Keep it upright just a little 13th par five slight Thug rug right E300 now 300. nice guy all right it's Gone all right hanging in there Maybe a little better than hanging in There let's stay right come on Oh yes Your driver's got me one of the best Parts of your game yeah it normally two Ends of the game driving and putting in Two parts Potter was a little cold early But looks like we might be heating up Okay same drive as the last Oh no no no yeah there's this tree like Honestly if you're gonna miss it Anywhere perfectly fine Like you have a clear layup just short Of the green no worries okay so loads of Room right so I'm gonna try and just hit A real hardcore Big Slice and get it Back Over on the right side of the Fairway Oh no Rick that's bad fatter in the Bunker

Damn that was a bad shot today It's not bad for me that 340 at the guys That was a big Drive yeah I gave that One just a fraction extra I was just Like oh we got a bit of room up there Go sounded so good so just right maybe I Can't really No just short yeah a little bit short Yeah I'll be all right chipping apart Okay third shot in this part five after Hitting a terrible second shot I found This bunker I'm 125 yards away Pin looks like a real upside down Saucepan so I've got an absolutely Crusher wedge and to be honest hopefully It gets over this bank as well I think it should It's going to come up a bit short I Think Don't spin Yeah not bad not terrible In Going We will take that They come in bunches they've already Seven eight oh no six seven 12 13. you made that look very easy Yeah good birdie well done thank you Okay third shot sorry fourth shot from The front of the green I'm actually Gonna try and hit it near Ryan I might even use that slope Oh no

Missed on the wrong side Come down Come down Please come down Please come down oh no like right in Between them this will be this will be Fun this will be tricky Yep well done well done that was not Easy it's mud trying to hit almost hit The ball so Outraged nothing on it nothing on it You're like that's never gonna get there That's your uh that's your spot right There though for the if you want to pull Up the clip I believe uh There's one time that me and tiger Have had something incredibly in common Apparently it was here where he Didn't particularly get on with his Wedges and I sympathize I really do Okay 14th hole Par Four straight down Out towards another Lake Yeah yeah look like into this hit it at The pin at the PIN Oh damn you hit the driver well thank You Yeah it'll be fine they'll bounce right Someone that misses that tree which it Did Yeah no problems that was the weirdest Feeling driver shot ever 195 yards straight back Flag

S Okay 195 yards into this uh 14th hole Fourteenth and pins back left and Ryan Was saying anything short left is no Good so Tree on the right the Dead one That's what I'm gonna go for yeah draw It in off that tree on the right hand Five's enough I mean if you're short it's not terrible You're just going to be up and over a Ridge okay so it's better than going Long and into the lake I'm just going to Nail five straight at it yeah love it If that's enough that is sensational No idea Whatever happens we're going to clip What you've just said Sounded good looks good Let's see it down it bounced Not sure what happened after that Great shot thanks pal so yeah we've uh We've hit a good one finally Pin hard left you're right but I'm Calling it fine though there Ryan very Fine but I told you I mean Is this real life Not the golf shot I mean as in this This is absolutely Spectacular Golf can be pretty amazing right some New Saturns anyway Come on Ryan Good spot eh you'll work some magic

Stop Oh tough from there in the air I would Have told you that was going to be five Feet and now I've got 30 feet for part How the is this a lake Oh Break Oh Oh well The one thing I couldn't do from the Fairway well that is the first little Hiccup you've had all around yeah Okay knock it in mate I know this would Be this would be a Scenic place to have A first birthday of the day I must admit I've got a bit of a track record on some Of the really beautiful golf courses Yeah actually making a birdie let's see It then Let's hope I can do it one more time up The hill left to right I'm not at it I've not eat it easy easy part You want to swap I'll trade you for some of yours what a Hole Unbelief but what a spot what a golf Course Hey guys if you're enjoying this video Be sure to like subscribe and by the way Don't forget to check out Ryan on his Instagram I'll link it in the Top Line In the description right a few holes Left to go

Some bird is needed Uh 227 228 Um all carry like big false front short And kind of the pins tucked up in that Little corner so I got five iron Um see if that works out should be a Good number actually Draw Draw In Yeah beautiful yeah I know thank you so You're 300 now 300 okay so I'm Currently start at seven over You've got this hole Short Par Four a par five and the Toughest hole in the course brilliant Right that last hole yeah last hole yeah And I really want to now be sure to my Score is in the 70s so I Cannot drop a Shot from this point forward Let's do it I'm gonna hit I'm going to almost hit Exactly the same shot I just hit on the Last level but instead of a five round It's gonna be a four row All right Yep in the hull Chase back there The dreaded false front oh God it was a Good looking shot too it was a bloody Really good looking shot yeah how many Yards one two yards away two Max oh Probably had some Chase on it too a Little low drawing four iron oh that Hurts okay

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I got the full false front and it's run Down to here I'm just gonna chip in Okay I'm Feeling Good Vibes I'm just Gonna chip it in Chase Yeah not too bad Not too bad That's going to do is the Highlight not Too bad shot 2023. it's gonna be top Five right come on let's roll a long one In let's uh bounce back ability here Let's see Brian Oh Right in the guts too Although Would I get through the past reason even Today That'll be all right This is pretty much just that's right up The hill That go right on you so now I'm just Pushing them a little bit I've been Stopped I've been basically identifying that A lot of my pots must left and I'm Trying to hold the face a little bit More yeah okay overcompensating yeah Ah That's a good chip It was a good iron shot I got unlucky Just not to carry this front edge you Got some chances nice little chip from The bottom of the valley Should have hold that Port right and now

I need to shoot underpower from this Point to keep the score Starting with the number seven 16th hole So we've got this easy part for a par Five don't call it easy till we play But you can't believe it Or easier Par Four instead of half five Right then apart five and then The hardest level yeah yeah yeah I need To I need to get through these next Three holes in one on the par Break 80. Let's Do It come on do it Something like that no you've made it Easy right it's much easier from there Come on driver work for me today please Don't be silly Really strong got a drill a fade down That left side There you go Very nice that's all right very very Nice We've got 120 yards My 52 goes about 130 but it's pretty Cold now So I think I can just about hit this Fall Our pin's just kind of sitting right There in that right corner so I'm gonna Have to be pretty precise there's not a Lot of green there but it's also a good Chance to eat a good one Yeah And that is not a good one Get Lucky

Get away with it not my best Just right Still pull that though Okay after Smashing it past Ryan my t-shirt You don't need to chat okay he hit three With night driving but still smashing it Past him I've got 107 yards this flag Pins for all Looks like a smaller green yeah it's Really long like right to left but Really narrow front to back There Spent Good shot thanks pal Thank you very much we've got a little Look at it hopefully okay Very nice okay Oh yeah it looks way bigger this green Than expected yeah just very long this Way that's why I thought it was such a Good driver part four is because like Down in there to like a front pin good Luck yeah like there's so much that can Happen here and a It looked to me as almost this was no This green didn't go off oh and they put That bunker when they put that pin left It is brutal and they put on that little Top shelf there like pretty tough to get Close to Come on Ryan let's roll it in why not Off the green why not you've been Threatening

Just hung it out there yeah it kind of Never Never got rolling before yeah just kind Of bounce bounce through there a little Bit that's not gonna bother you is it Okay What do you think Ryan See that at that hole is that too much Depends what speed you're hitting it out But dribble Pace dribble Pace I'd go Probably just at the Inside Edge of that Hole I think it's good knock it in give Yourself a cushion Just like that Easy work you said it was you said it Was easy on the tee I should have Listened to you I should have said it all the way around Yeah yeah I mean that's what I've been Going wrong what a joke of a place Absolutely Right clean it up yeah Nice model mate thank you all right so Part five part five and then we got a Tricky one It's gonna be a lot easier for me 18 Than it is you if you've got 305 in the Air I get about a hundred yard Difference oh great I've not got my locker anymore come on Mate you made birdie it's about time you Should take the tea I mean I did have it On the par three that you pinched up in The store but yeah I did too yeah yeah

There you go Oh wow I'll shouldn't have let it slide Um Just keep it up the To be honest anywhere up that Fairway You can see better you can see the Bunkers through there yeah because it's Gonna go way left If you miss it left it just mounds and Stuff so if you can hug the left hand Side of the Fairway better Um But yeah anyway it's gonna be two big Hits right now to get there but okay Right 17th par five Doug leg left Come on find the middle of this boogie Driver It'll be that's perfectly fine honestly Not your Sunday Best But I've really Yeah As I've mentioned many times you can't Question forgiveness level of this Driver but bloody hell I have not hit The middle once I like you The driver has worked today it's been Very good are you gonna go I'm going to Kind of really hug that left hand side Okay Should be good could be perfect I think So much silence you're making me nervous Should be good I don't know I just know You're absolutely smashed it the only Chances it doesn't cover all those

Mounds but I don't know we'll see that Was a really good drive I'm not a cold Weather golfers I don't know how far I Hit it cold weather if I cut if I cover Those bunkers how far do you think I've Got from there 100 and if you're short Of them 185. watch my car what's my carrying Number Dragon they cut you so you want To have to you're going to have to cover All of them basically like the furthest Left one because just over the middle It's very narrow between the water and The left bunker oh wow so to cover the Farthest left one is 230. all right it Looks longer than that yeah to cover the Middle one is 215. 3 I'm sorry Oh he's done it no that is you've done It Yeah you couldn't put it any better From there I meant to finish with one Arm that was real nice I've honestly hit Nowhere close to the center of face of The face all day but anyway 355 that went 355 is even not bad for me actually I'm Pretty happy with that puff my chest out A little bit I was driving the golf cart For at least five minutes before I Reached uh Ryan's golf ball just uh he's Managed to hit that 355 yards off that Tee in what Ryan would describe as cold

Weather I didn't see you guys would definitely Not describe as cold weather 220 Uh 201 to cover I mean I don't know how Well you can see it up there but slopes Off left slopes up rise slopes off short So it's either perfect or have a tough Chip okay well troll is perfect You don't ask for much do you slightly Left of the flag yes yeah I mean Slightly it's there's not much room up There Oh No it's gonna In a bowl just left I thought I had to Nail it like a hot drawer but just Overdid it it's off sharp not easy like I said got to be perfect so Okay third shot this is part five And like I say almost If I'd have known how small this London Area was Yeah I try to tell you but no it was Almost better not knowing yeah you Slotted it anyway so it didn't matter 113 yards left into his flag just a Little left it'll all feed towards it Okay Past and spin or not yeah you can Definitely go past and spin that pins in A little bowl so as long as you're not 10 Deep of it if you're just a few deep It's good okay Yeah I like look at that a lot

For my money that's pretty good I can't quite see from here where it's Going to end up slightly getting better Yeah it's it's not I think maybe because It was drawing in a little bit and maybe Didn't quite catch all the slope but Yeah you take that I'll take that every Day Well this is an interesting play Ryan Yeah I'm gonna put it I got a very Grainy lie here back up the hill and It's super fast once I get on Um so I think my best bet here is this Hopefully this takes Tons of Speed out Of it then it just kind of gets on and Funnels down to the pin I could go a Chip but I'm gonna go the chip I feel Like I may as well just keep it all on The ground chipping is not cool anymore It isn't it's putting off the greens When it's all yeah it's what the cool Kids do Looks nice Oh that's a magical touch On it Take that every time really good that Roll it in the birdie enjoy your walk up The last Don't let the water it'll make the last Look The touchline drive up the last time you Know I'll get scared Um don't see a great deal of breaking it

Don't have a look yeah You don't mind yeah I think I'm looking For things that aren't there it I feel Like early on it could just feed a Little left but that might kind of go Back the other way at the end so Yeah I'm just scared dude Straight down the hill You wanted me to read it so if he misses It's my fault No I'm confident in this Straight down the hill Top five a bit late but yeah After the tee shot to come out of here With four Join me Ryan I'll try and enjoy Club Yes by the way thanks for the read You're welcome I was either gonna make Myself look really smart or really Stupid there so I'm glad you hold it Brilliant wow This is class a bit unbelievable you're 400 now 400 Um six over Come on F6 over a tiny little Crusher Okay for me if you make power on the Last which Ryan says is The hardest on the golf course What a place what a place We might only I might only be 30 yards Longer than you but on this hole I'll Get like 100 yards of difference because The greens over there wow So how long is the actual hole if you go

Around the dog leg it's like 515 in a Straight line it's like 400 yards wow It's actually called long way home this Is it last hole let's do it let's end Well You made your very last two you may as Well Birdie the hardest one in the Course too exactly Foreign Thank you never plays golf course in my Life but I just know that's so good The Recoil told me everything I needed I'm gonna go for the green Like I said anything left to those Bunkers should leave you about A three wood Honestly it'll be pretty long but I Can't can I carry this one because I'm Not uh like 270 maybe in the air Okay I found the best I said I should be Able to Yeah should be fine Can't really see it but I don't know I couldn't see it down but All right I'd imagine Fairway left yeah Either Fairway maybe just ran in the Rough but I think it'd be perfectly fine Sounds good right there we go last hole Good drive middle of Fairway but as Ryan Said You've really if you if you can hit this Long you've got a huge Advantage because Ryan's way down there but he might have Actually caught the bunker 220 yards I'm

Gonna have to nail the two iron at it Pins back right looks like there's room Left Let's finish with one more part be Really really Happy with six over par Considering I've never played the golf Course before and it's bloody hard off These batteries so come on power to Finish Oh fatten it Fattered it damn I can't tell why that is but it's short Yeah that was a bad strike That was a real bad strike Great strike really good strike middle Of the green should feed from there but I can't see sir nice That is just made it in the nick of time With the light But then we got this yeah beautiful Isn't it Off the chart I thought my honestly I Hit mine so bad yeah I mean it wouldn't Take much for this just to have a little Bit of cut it catches this Ridge then The next Ridge and then like don't put This until you look from the side Because this is mine's so much I hit my Second shot so bad I thought it was 50 Yard short yeah You probably can't see it in this light But there's a ridge right here that's Kind of where my balls where it's at

Yeah and as soon Right there I think oh wow yeah Oh wow yeah this is uh Like this is steep right here so if your Ball gets here it's at the hole this is Like being at Disneyland yeah The theme park so what just because it's That corner way yeah basically if you Get it right up top there where my pitch Mark was the whole thing will just fall Okay come on I really want to finish With a part here So it's here Come on Rick Two foot from here I've been delighted With it's been a great day really how's This golf course Has Um Surprised me entertained me scared me I thoroughly enjoy playing it Let's see if we can just finish with Two more shots Or one if I'm being really cheeky Don't know it's there I don't hate this Good speed Great speed I genuinely for a minute Didn't even think I was going to get Onto the putting green yeah I know Good speed just a tiny bit further to The left it just rides that Ridge a bit More wow You'd be able to see that like if we Were here 20 minutes earlier but I

Thought I was gonna be very very uh Embarrassing there oh God right You've played phenomenal all day rolled In little 67. Five under off the batis I said I set The over under at 70 didn't I so yeah You've got loads of pots take your time The five this is for five under par Drop baby Oh I've seen your part I thought there Must be some slope there oh well Really good effort On the path thank you really sorry I'll Take that off the Tigers Right look at him hopefully knock it in You saw that so I don't think it's outside the whole no Man moved a little bit but not Obviously what I thought it would To finish off With the 78 Just hammered it through it Oh That's painful Put that put on easy in the dark either Right that was amazing Ryan pleasure Thank you thanks for having me I Appreciate it keep working hard thank You check out Ryan on his Instagram it's Exciting season coming up on that Hopefully DP will tour can't wait it's Gonna be epic Max hours you've been Beautiful I can't wait to come back right 79

68 68 job well done let's go and grab a Beer