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Are you looking to improve your lower body rotation in golf? Discover the ultimate drill that can help you perfect your swing. In this article, we will explore the best drill for lower body rotation, providing valuable tips and insights for golfers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this drill will assist you in generating more power and consistency in your shots. So, grab your club and get ready to enhance your lower body rotation with this game-changing exercise.

The Best Drill for Lower Body Rotation!


Golf is a sport that requires precision, finesse, and efficient body movement. One aspect of the golf swing that often goes overlooked is the rotation of the lower body. The lower body rotation is crucial for generating power and speed in the swing, and it can greatly impact the overall performance on the golf course. In a recent video produced by Scratch Golf Tips, they showcase the best drill for improving lower body rotation in golf. This article will delve into the details of the drill, discuss its benefits, and provide insights into how it can help golfers improve their swing.

The Best Drill for Lower Body Rotation

In the video, Scratch Golf Tips introduces a highly effective drill that focuses on improving lower body rotation in golf. The drill involves using an alignment rod placed through the front belt loops to help golfers visualize and maintain proper body alignment throughout the swing. By emphasizing perpendicularity to the target line in the backswing, this drill allows golfers to develop a solid foundation for generating power and accuracy.

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The drill starts by positioning the alignment rod through the front belt loops and making practice swings while keeping the rod perpendicular to the target line. This helps golfers develop a sense of body awareness and establish a consistent swing plane. As golfers become more comfortable with the drill, they can start focusing on unwinding and uncoiling their hips during the downswing, generating greater rotation and power in their swing.

The Benefits of Lower Body Rotation

Proper lower body rotation in the golf swing offers several benefits. First and foremost, it allows golfers to generate more power and speed in their swing. By using the larger muscles of the lower body, including the hips and legs, golfers can leverage their body’s natural strength and increase clubhead speed.

Additionally, lower body rotation helps maintain balance throughout the swing. When golfers engage their lower body, it creates a stable base that allows for a smoother and more controlled swing motion. This leads to better ball striking and improved consistency on the golf course.

Remove the Alignment Rod, Maintain the Feel

After a few swings with the alignment rod, Scratch Golf Tips recommends removing it to maintain the proper feel of lower body rotation. This is an important step as it allows golfers to transition from a drill-based practice swing to the actual swing on the golf course. By focusing on maintaining the same sensation of lower body rotation, golfers can effortlessly apply the technique during their rounds.


Lower body rotation is a fundamental aspect of an effective golf swing. The drill showcased by Scratch Golf Tips offers a practical and efficient way to improve this essential skill. By practicing with the alignment rod and focusing on unwinding and uncoiling the hips, golfers can enhance their swing power, accuracy, and consistency. So grab your clubs and give this drill a try – you’ll be amazed at the results!

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