The Before and After HIP ROTATION of a PGA TOUR Winner 😱

In today’s video, Mike and Shaun jump into GEARS to show the HIP ROTATION throughout the entire golf swing of a PGA TOUR WINNER!

Your Hip Motion during your backswing and downswing requires proper knee and pelvic movement within your personal range of motion. Your golf swing will improve INSTANTLY when you add this hip rotation movement to your golf swing.

This hip rotation and tilt will show incredible acceleration within your weight and pressure shift. When you balance your hip rotation and pelvic rotation, your golf swing overall will balance and be so much more controlled.

GEARS allows us to lay multiple swings OVER TOP OF EACH OTHER, so you can see the hip rotation, pelvic rotation, and balance through the entire golf swing, back swing, and down swing of this PGA TOUR WINNER.

What you see in today’s video will shock you!

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