Tennis Two Handed Backhand – 3 Steps To The Perfect Double Hander

Tennis Two-Handed Backhand | 3 Steps To The Perfect Two Hander
In this video Top Tennis Training coaches, Simon Konov and Alex Slabinsky will help you perfect your double-handed backhand using 3 simple steps.
The initial thing to focus on is your grip and how you wait in the ready position. After you identify that the ball is coming to your backhand, the 3 steps are –
1. A good unit turn and moving sideways onto the ball (can have your chin touching your right shoulder in this position to aid the turn)
2. Reaching a good power position with the racket head up higher than the grip level generating good leverage (force over the ball) and space to accelerate the racket
3. A good finish with a full rotation of the shoulders and hips, including the back leg and finishing with the racket and arms over your right shoulder (if right-handed)
Follow these three steps and you will see a huge difference already in your backhand.

Video Timeline:
00:00 Intro
00:22 – Which grip should you wait with?
2:14 – Unit Turn (step one)
4:17 – Power Position (step two)
8:26 – The Finish (step three)

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