Teaching Students of All Skill Levels with Ground Pressure ft. Jimmy Shaw

Join us for a special webinar with Head Golf Instructor Jimmy Shaw and V1 Sports’ own Mandy Von See. Jimmy is a firm believer in the importance of measuring and analyzing a golfer’s ground forces in order to improve, and utilizes the V1 Pressure Mat technology with student’s of all skill levels and ages.

In this webinar, Jimmy will discuss the theory behind ground mechanics, and overview of the V1 Pressure Mat and its capabilities, and show examples of student lessons with ground pressure, from beginners to elite competitors.

Jimmy has studied and played the game of golf for more than 30 years. His coaching philosophy is that the body reacts on both a conscious and a subconscious level to perform each shot. Further, he does not believe in teaching a single system for each student, because not everyone has the same experiences that have led them to this point in their enjoyment of the challenge of the game of golf, nor does each person have the same physical and mental attributes. Jimmy is committed to working with each student in order to create better players, not just better swingers of the golf club.

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