Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets Review

You’re in for a treat with the new Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets. These game improvement irons are designed to take your performance to new heights, thanks to their innovative features and cutting-edge technology. Get ready to experience explosive ball speeds, forgiveness, and a towering ball flight that will leave your competitors in awe.

The Stealth irons feature the original Cap Back Design, which promotes better forgiveness, distance, and feel. But that’s not all – the all-new toe wrap construction takes it to another level by driving weight lower and increasing launch angle. With a soft ECHO Damping System and a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket for increased ball speed and forgiveness, these irons provide the perfect combination of power and precision. Plus, the low center of gravity ensures a high penetrating ball flight that will help you conquer any course. Get ready to take your game to the next level with the Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets.

Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets

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Why Consider This Product?

If you’re looking to enhance your golf game, then the Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets are worth considering. With their innovative design and advanced features, these irons deliver exceptional performance and game improvement. Scientific research and evidence support the effectiveness of these clubs, making them a reliable choice for golfers of all skill levels. Additionally, these irons have received certifications and endorsements from industry professionals, further enhancing their credibility. Numerous satisfied customer testimonials speak to the superior performance and results that these clubs provide.

Features and Benefits

Enhanced Cap Back Design

The Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets feature an upgraded Cap Back Design that surpasses the capabilities of traditional cavity backs. This design utilizes multi-material construction to improve forgiveness, distance, and feel. The all-new toe wrap construction takes performance to even greater heights by further optimizing weight distribution. As a result, these irons enable you to achieve new levels of success on the golf course.

Fast and Forgiving

Powered by the revolutionary Cap Back Design with toe wrap construction, the Stealth irons possess an intelligently positioned sweet spot that covers the most common impact points. This feature ensures explosive ball speeds and consistency, where golfers need it the most. Striking the ball with these irons will be a delightful experience as they deliver incredible forgiveness and remarkable distance.

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High Launching

One of the standout features of the Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets is their ability to launch the ball high into the air. By removing mass from the toe and repositioning it in the sole, the irons lower the center of gravity (CG) by nearly 1mm in certain models. This adjustment results in increased launch angles, towering ball flight, long carry distances, and exceptional stopping power. You’ll be able to reach new distances and achieve accurate shots with ease.

Forged Iron Feel

Featuring an ECHO Damping System enclosed by the Cap Back Design, these irons provide a soft and responsive feel. The damping system stretches from heel to toe, effectively absorbing unwanted vibrations and improving feel. Additionally, the ultra-strong carbon material used within the toe wrap ensures structural integrity and enhances the exceptional sound at impact. With every swing, you’ll experience the superior feedback and responsiveness that professional golfers demand.

Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets

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Product Quality

The Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets are renowned for their exceptional quality. Crafted with precision and using the finest materials, these irons are designed to withstand the rigors of the game. Taylormade is a trusted and respected brand in the golfing world, known for their commitment to superior craftsmanship and innovation. With the Stealth Combo Sets, you can have confidence in the durability and reliability of your golf clubs.

What It’s Used For

Improving Your Game

The Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets are specifically designed to enhance your golf performance. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these irons provide the tools you need to excel on the course. The advanced features, such as the Cap Back Design, high-launching capabilities, and forged iron feel, work together to optimize your game and help you achieve consistent results. With improved forgiveness, distance, and feel, these irons can elevate your golfing experience to new heights.

Perfecting Your Iron Play

The Stealth Combo Sets offer exceptional control and precision, making them ideal for mastering your iron play. The intelligently positioned sweet spot ensures explosive ball speeds and consistency, giving you the confidence to hit accurate shots. The enhanced launch angles and peak height allow for a towering ball flight, optimizing your chances of reaching the green. Whether you’re targeting long carry distances or relying on heavy stopping power, these irons will assist you in honing your iron play skills.

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Enhancing Your Feel and Feedback

When it comes to experiencing a soft and responsive feel, the Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets deliver. The ECHO Damping System, combined with the Cap Back Design, eliminates unwanted vibrations and maximizes face flexibility. As a result, you’ll enjoy improved feel at impact and increased feedback on your shots. This enhanced sense of connection and control will allow you to make precise adjustments and improve your overall game.

Maximizing Ball Speed and Forgiveness

The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket technology incorporated into these irons is engineered to maximize face flexibility. Consequently, you’ll enjoy increased ball speeds and forgiveness, even on mis-hits low on the face. This technology helps to generate consistent distance and accuracy, ensuring that your shots remain on target. With the Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets, you can optimize your shots and maintain control on every swing.

Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets

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Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Club Type Irons
Set Makeup 3-9 irons, PW, AW, SW
Shaft Options Steel, Graphite
Grip Options Lamkin Crossline 360, Golf Pride Z-Grip
Technology Cap Back Design, Toe Wrap Construction
Head Design Cavity Back
Loft Options 18° – 54°
Flex Options for Graphite Shafts Senior, Regular, Stiff
Flex Options for Steel Shafts Regular, Stiff
Hand Options Right, Left

Who Needs This

Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from the Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your game or an experienced player seeking to fine-tune your skills, these irons will significantly enhance your performance. Their forgiving nature, distance-promoting attributes, and exceptional feel make them suitable for any golfer who wants to take their game to new heights.

Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets

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Pros and Cons


  • Superior forgiveness and distance
  • Enhanced feel and feedback
  • High-launching capabilities
  • Maximum ball speed and forgiveness
  • Premium craftsmanship and quality


  • Price may be higher compared to other options
  • Limited customization options


  1. Are these irons suitable for beginners? Yes, the Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets are suitable for beginners due to their forgiving nature and game improvement features. They provide the perfect platform for novice golfers to develop their skills and gain confidence on the course.

  2. Can I customize the shaft and grip options? Yes, Taylormade offers various shaft and grip options to suit individual preferences and playing styles. You can select from steel or graphite shafts, as well as different grip options.

  3. Do these irons come with a warranty? Yes, Taylormade provides a warranty for their Golf Stealth Combo Sets to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

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Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets

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What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have used the Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets have shared their positive experiences. They praise the forgiving nature of these irons, as well as the improved distance and accuracy they have achieved. Many customers also appreciate the soft feel and responsive feedback that enhance their overall game.

Overall Value

Considering the exceptional features, advanced technologies, and superior performance offered by the Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets, they provide excellent value for money. The combination of forgiveness, distance, and feel make these irons a worthwhile investment for any golfer looking to improve their game and achieve consistent results.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  1. Take advantage of the enhanced forgiveness by focusing on a smooth and controlled swing.
  2. Use the high-launching capabilities to your advantage, aiming for the optimum trajectory for each shot.
  3. Experiment with different grip options to find the one that offers the best feel and control for your swing.
  4. Practice regularly and utilize the feedback provided by the irons to make adjustments and improve your game.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets provide a new level of game improvement with their innovative design and advanced features. These irons offer superior forgiveness, distance, and feel, allowing you to take your game to new heights. The combination of the Cap Back Design, toe wrap construction, and Thru-Slot Speed Pocket technology ensures maximum ball speed, enhanced control, and exceptional performance.

Final Recommendation

If you’re looking for a set of irons that will significantly enhance your golf game, the Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets are an excellent choice. With their premium craftsmanship, advanced technologies, and superior performance, these irons will elevate your experience on the course. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these irons will help you achieve consistent distance, accuracy, and feel. Invest in the Taylormade Golf Stealth Combo Sets and experience the new look of game improvement.

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