Take your Chipping to New Heights Using These Drills!

I am thrilled to share with you some fantastic drills that have taken my chipping skills to new heights! In this blog post, I will be revealing the techniques and exercises that have greatly improved my game around the greens. So, if you’re looking to enhance your chipping abilities and lower your scores, join me as I dive into these incredible drills that are sure to make a significant impact on your game!


When it comes to chipping, precision and control are vital components of a successful shot. Whether you’re a professional golfer or a casual player, refining your chipping skills can significantly improve your overall game. In this article, I will share with you some valuable chipping drills presented by George Conley, a renowned golf instructor, that will take your chipping abilities to new heights. So, tighten your grip on your wedge and get ready to master the art of chipping!

Drill 1: Prevent Picking Up the Ball

To start off, George Conley advocates the use of an alignment rod to enhance the effectiveness of your chipping drills. In this first drill, you’ll place the alignment rod directly behind the ball to prevent picking it up prematurely. This drill focuses on proper weight shift and emphasizes letting the loft of the club do the work. By positioning the alignment rod as a barrier, you will develop a more controlled and consistent chipping motion.

Drill 2: Keep the Arms Connected

Moving on to the second drill, George Conley highlights the significance of keeping your arms connected during the pitching motion. To achieve this, place the alignment rod under your biceps/triceps, creating a physical connection between your arms and body. This promotes a more synchronized and connected swing, leading to improved accuracy and distance control.

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Focus on Upper Body Rotation

As you delve deeper into perfecting your chipping technique, it’s crucial to focus on upper body rotation. By rotating your upper body during the swing, you harness the power from your core muscles, resulting in more consistent and powerful chips. Additionally, an effective upper body rotation helps eliminate excess hand movement, which often leads to errant shots. Remember, it’s all about using your body as a cohesive unit to achieve optimal results.

Choose the Right Club

While these drills can be applied with any wedge, George Conley recommends using a mid-lofted club for optimal results. A mid-lofted wedge provides a balance between loft and control, making it an ideal choice for chipping. However, feel free to experiment with different clubs to find what works best for you.


In conclusion, honing your chipping skills is essential for improving your overall golf game. By implementing these chipping drills presented by George Conley, you’ll undoubtedly see a remarkable improvement in both accuracy and control. Remember to place the alignment rod strategically to prevent picking up the ball prematurely and keep your arms connected for a more synchronized swing. Focus on upper body rotation while eliminating excess hand movement, harnessing the power of your core muscles. Choose the right club, preferably a mid-lofted wedge, to strike the perfect balance between loft and control. So, head out to the practice green, and take your chipping skills to new heights!


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