Swing Essentials Golf Tip: Short Game Chipping Lesson

Drive for show, and putt for dough! But wait, what about the short game?

Most of golf is played within 150 yards, which means that we will be chipping and pitching a lot during the course of a round. Therefore, let our PGA Pros give you a few golf tips on chipping. This drill will give you immediate results and will show you how to play with a wedge in your hand. The short game is also where most golfers can lower their scores and see immediate results and play better golf.

Simply close your golf stance, keep the weight forward, and keep the back of your lead hand pointing towards the target. This will get the golf ball in the air with enough spin to hit it right next to the hole.

Need help with your chipping? Use this simple drill to help. Also, download our Swing Essentials Golf App on the AppStore or GooglePlay.

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