Swing Essentials Golf Tip: Fixing the Slice by Alignment

Poor shoulder alignment has kept PGA Instructors employed for decades. Hitting a slice? Hitting low hooks? The first checkpoint that you need to visit is the shoulder alignment. Poor shoulder alignment, can lead to misinformation that leads to bad habits that can last a lifetime. For instance, if a right-handed golfer lines up to the left of the target, he hits it left, and think that he’s lined up at the target, because that is where is feet are lined up to. He will then start to open the face of the club, aim more right and then develop an over-the-top move that really can cause a ton of frustration.

Let this PGA instruction knock that out of your game and save you from years of pain and agony. Square your shoulders, feel closed, and swing out. This will help you hit better iron and driver shots, allowing you to play better golf immediately. This drill is for beginners and Pros alike.

Need to fix that slice? Ensure that your shoulders are aligned properly. This can change the path of the swing and fix many errant shots. Drop by www.SwingEssentials.com for a quick lesson today!

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